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Women in Treasury Global Study 2022 webinar

Duration: 60 minutes

Jayna Bundy – General Manager of Financial Programs & Analytics, Microsoft

Nihal Yüksel – Project Finance Director, Kalyon Holding

Join us to discuss the latest trends in gender equality in treasury.

Drawing on insight from Treasury Today Group’s Women in Treasury Global Study 2022, this webinar will debate the progress and challenges in DEI over the last year and explore key trends ahead.

A guaranteed, lively discussion with:

  • Sophie Jackson, Publisher & Head of Strategic Content at Treasury Today

  • Jayna Bundy, General Manager of Financial Programs & Analytics at Microsoft

  • Nihal Yuksel, Project Finance Director at Kalyon Holding

They will discuss everything from equal pay to mentoring, flexible working and unconscious bias, to the role of male allies in supporting DEI.

Sign up now and join our decade-old community of shared voices and experiences.

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Your best friend: cash management in volatile times

Duration: 53 minutes

Charles Bennett – Head of Commercial Product, Bottomline

Kevin Grant – CRO Corporate Solutions, Bottomline

Bottomline logo

Cash drives growth. Whether collecting cash quicker, spending it slower, borrowing less or investing more, cash is the holy grail of corporate growth. However, cash management is easier said than done, especially in the current environment. In this webinar Treasury Today and Bottomline explore the role of finance supporting the business with expert cash management.

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Exploring changing priorities in payments and treasury

Duration: 46 minutes

Joanna Fanthorpe – Senior Treasury Manager, Save the Children International

Malcolm Grant – Chief of Treasury, International Organization for Migration

Caroline Lacocque – Regional Sales Director EMEA, Coupa Pay and Treasury

Coupa logo

Making payments can be challenging at the best of times but when you need to pay at short notice and possibly in a place where you don’t maintain a bank account, the challenges are compounded.

In this webinar we hear from two NGOs about their own particular challenges, the changes they have introduced to their treasury and payment processes and how ESG considerations should be incorporated.

Listen in as our speakers also share some tips and advice on how you can take your treasury organisations to the next level.

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Treasury’s role in a world of shortages

Duration: 38 minutes

Peter Bolstorff – Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, The Association for Supply Chain Management

Andrew Blincoe – Head of Corporates & Institutions, NatWest Group

NatWest logo


Supply chain pressures continue to weigh on businesses – more than half of respondents to a recent Treasury Today poll said supply chain risks are now their biggest concern.

Treasury plays a central role in helping companies navigate those risks: managing liquidity and cash management; working with procurement to diversify sourcing and ensure inventory is on hand to de-risk supply chains; and hedging rising inflation.

Join us as we explore treasury’s role in navigating supply chain disruption.

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Women in Treasury Global Study 2021 webinar

Duration: 54 minutes

Angela Cooper – Treasurer, Flying Foods

Kiera Agnew – Assistant Treasurer, Kellogg

Kim Hochfeld – Global Head of Cash Business, State Street Global Advisors

Our annual Women in Treasury Global Study 2021 results are in!

In this year’s study there were a number of new elements. Most significantly, for the first time we opened up to participants of all genders, in response to the importance of everyone’s views on gender in the workplace to be heard and for us to actively engage with allies. Join us for this special webinar where we take a comprehensive look at the state of play regarding gender equality in corporations across the world.

We are joined by three industry insiders to discuss this year’s findings, who will provide some very interesting food for thought and showcase the results in practice.

Join us to hear the results of the 2021 study, to discuss what they mean in real terms and to bring implementable learning points from the results into 2022.

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Demystifying separately managed accounts for treasurers

Duration: 39 minutes

Will Nossier – Director of Group Treasury, Booking.com

Lauren Oakes – Global Co-Head of Liquidity Solutions Client Business, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Damien Cahill – Sales Director, EMEA Corporate division, Clearwater Analytics

Treasury teams have often viewed SMAs with caution because of the perceived operational burden, time to market and absence of standardised reporting. Today, SMA benefits are increasingly coming to the fore as central banks begin to consider rate hikes, and industry participants have streamlined their offerings.

Join us to learn more as we discuss how SMAs work, the key requirements for a straightforward setup and why they hold real advantages in today’s investment climate.

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Looking forward: the economy, recovery and opportunities to come

Duration: 41 minutes

Stewart Robertson – Senior Economist (UK and Europe), Aviva Investors

Richard Hallett – Head of UK Liquidity Portfolio Management, Aviva Investors

We hear from Aviva Investors’ Stewart Robertson, Senior Economist (UK and Europe) and Richard Hallett, Head of Liquidity Portfolio Management, who discuss the macroeconomic growth outlook in the wake of the pandemic, current markets and likely central bank steps as inflation creeps higher. They will explain what the shape of the yield curve is telling us about the economy, and how corporate treasury can link this back to their own borrowing, cash management, interest rate and inflation strategies.

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Accelerating the transition to net-zero: integrating ESG into treasury

Duration: 46 minutes

Andrew Blincoe – Head of Corporates & Institutions, NatWest Group

Alex Ashby – Head of Markets, Group Treasury, Tesco

NatWest logo


Cashflow, liquidity and financial risk have traditionally dominated the treasurers’ agenda. But as businesses and governments globally step up their climate and sustainability commitments, integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk considerations into a wide range of treasury functions has never been more important – bringing with it challenges and opportunities:

  • • How can treasurers integrate ESG considerations into liquidity, funding and supply chain management?

  • • What regulations and frameworks should you consider as you embark on your sustainability journey?

  • • How can ESG be leveraged to broaden and deepen funding relationships?

  • • What’s the best way to approach ESG target setting, monitoring, and reporting?

Listen as Alex Ashby, Head of Markets in Group Treasury at Tesco and Andrew Blincoe, Head of Corporates & Institutions at NatWest Group share actionable insights into ESG risk management and discuss how treasurers can drive the sustainability agenda forward.

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Digitisation, liquidity and leverage in the post pandemic era – where to next?

Duration: 29 minutes

Andrew Blincoe – Head of Corporates & Institutions, NatWest Group

Yang Xu – Senior Vice President, Global Treasurer & Corporate Development, Kraft Heinz

NatWest logo

We asked you to vote for your top treasury priority, and the response was decisive – digitisation dominates, followed by liquidity and leverage concerns.

More than ever, treasury needs operational efficiency and accurate real-time data. What are the key things to get right and the risks to avoid in a digitisation strategy?

What have been the funding, liquidity and capital structure lessons from COVID times? How should treasury use liquidity to take advantage of the recovery, and how should finance teams approach leverage in the months ahead? How can digital treasury solutions be utilised to improve these decisions?

Join us for all the answers on 9th June when we partner with experts from NatWest to tackle your top issues.

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Women in Treasury 2020 Global Study Webinar

Duration: 33 minutes

Our annual Women in Treasury Global Study 2020 results are in!

Join us for a special webinar in which we will assess the impact of the global pandemic on this year’s results as well as discussing the inclusion of male respondents for the first time in 2020.

We bring together three industry insiders to discuss this year’s findings who will provide some very interesting food for thought and showcase the results in practice.

Speaking with Sophie Jackson will be:

  • Kemi Bolarin - Director, Treasury Operations, Travelport

  • Morgan Lobb - CEO, Vercida - an organisation committed to workplace diversity and inclusion

  • Christine Stokes - Managing Director and Director of Client Services for the Global Cash Business, State Street Global Advisors

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected women and it is vital that we do not let our plans for progress on inclusion and gender equality slip amongst the risk and crisis management that most corporations are dealing with right now.

Register to hear the latest results of the 2020 Study, to discuss what they mean in real terms and to bring implementable learning points from the results into 2021.

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Lower risk, better transparency and 3x ROI: you can get all of them by simply streamlining your payment processes

Duration: 35 minutes

Jörg Wiemer – MBA, Co-Founder and CEO, TIS

Absence of digitalisation, lack of transparency and increase of fraud risk: It is not a matter of when to start treasury transformation but how fast this can happen to tackle these challenges. Join Jörg Wiemer, CEO and co-founder of TIS in this webinar and find out how TIS's cloud-based corporate payment platform helps companies streamline their payment processes and achieve lower risks, better visibility, and most importantly, 3x ROI.

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Transforming ESG through a Treasury Lens: sustainable strategies from the heart of the organization

Duration: 47 minutes

Hervé Duteil – Chief Sustainability Officer, Americas, BNP Paribas

Alberto Ayerza – Managing Director, Global Trade Solutions, BNP Paribas

Indra Kish – Director, Senior Liquidity Advisor, BNP Paribas

The 2020 Treasury Today Global Sustainability Study findings highlight that sustainability is reflected in many organization’s core values, but its practical implementation is an ongoing challenge for many.

Treasury sits at the heart of the organization so when it comes to one of the most important strategies for all of our futures, treasury is a good place to start taking practical ESG actions.

For those still wondering what ESG means in operational terms, or who feel uncertain as to where to start, help is at hand.

With plenty of practical guidance and insight on ESG opportunities and outcomes – from leveraging supply chain relationships, to drafting internal policies on working capital and investments – this webinar cuts through the usual noise, getting straight to the heart of what matters for every treasurer:

  • How ESG is becoming a top priority for Treasurers.

  • Leveraging trade and supply chain finance solutions to assist with ESG goals.

  • Considerations for integrating ESG into a Treasurer's investment strategy.

  • Solution illustrations for consideration.

As the world changes, so too must every organization. Treasurers now have the opportunity to play a leading role in how their organizations shape all our futures. Don’t miss the webinar that will give you the power to transform.

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Keeping treasury cyber-secure

Duration: 56 minutes

Royston Da Costa – Assistant Group Treasurer, Ferguson plc

Treasury departments are the key to a successful business, so it’s imperative that they’re kept secure from any threats. Join us for this webinar with Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer at Ferguson plc, as he explains how the business implemented an award-winning comprehensive treasury policy and established transparent treasury processes.

Ferguson plc has always placed the security of its systems and IT infrastructure as one of its top priorities. Previously, treasury systems were hosted on internal servers, which required a significant amount of time and cost to maintain. Typically, this involved regular testing of the business continuity process and disaster recovery procedures. In addition, the third-party vendor required the company to upgrade at least every two years, incurring further costs and time.

The company’s objective has been to automate and streamline manual processes wherever possible, and the new treasury processes are regularly reviewed using ethical hackers to assist in testing their cyber-security systems. It was this solution that led to Ferguson plc being named the Overall Winner for Best Cyber-Security Solution at the 2019 Adam Smith Awards. Register today for the webinar, to hear more about Ferguson plc’s experience.

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An easier path to digital treasury transformation

Duration: 46 minutes

Marcus Hughes – Head of Strategic Business Development, Bottomline Technologies, UK

Patrick Verspecht – Group Treasurer, Trillium Flow Technologies, Board Member & Secretary of the board of the ATEB

The need for real-time cash visibility demands centralised payments hubs, real-time payment execution with tracking and new payment platforms. Real-time working capital efficiency demands all of this plus more efficient multi-bank management.

For treasury this means a crash course in digital disruption, new connectivity options across banking, payments and supply chains, security best practices, fraud prevention and data analytics.

In this webinar, Marcus Hughes, Head of Strategic Business Development at Bottomline Technologies and Patrick Verspecht, Group Treasurer of a US company, Trillium Flow Technologies, based in France will share their views and analysis on how the latest technology and innovation in these areas can help organisations on an easier path to digital transformation in much shorter timescales than previously possible.

With a combined total of 70 years industry experience Marcus and Patrick are ideally placed to share their insights on how these advancements are shaping the role of treasurers to become key directors of business strategy thanks to real-time innovation, consolidated insight and automation.

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Short-term investments, long-term thinking: how ESG positively impacts value

Duration: 39 minutes

Marte Borhaug – Global Head of ESG Investment Solutions, Aviva Investors

Demi Angelaki – Senior Portfolio Manager, Aviva Investors

Investors in money market funds and ultra short duration bond funds have traditionally focused their attention on liquidity, yield and capital preservation. Increasingly however, investors in such strategies are realising the positive impact the integration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors can have on investment outcomes.

As well as providing an important risk management tool, being a provider of short-term funding presents an opportunity to influence corporate borrowers to act responsibly and in a sustainable manner. It is therefore important to establish a robust framework to embed ESG considerations into the investment process. However, integrating ESG considerations into liquidity strategies possess unique challenges.

In this live webinar, Aviva Investors’ Marte Borhaug, Global Head of ESG Investment Solutions and Demi Angelaki, Senior Portfolio Manager – Liquidity Funds will discuss how the principles of responsible investment can positively impact investment outcomes for short-term investors and will look at how the unique challenges faced by liquidity portfolio managers are not insurmountable. We also look at live examples from France, where principles of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) are government endorsed and integrated into the French short-term investment market.

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How PE-backed companies are using working capital finance to deliver more value

Duration: 48 minutes

Mitch Leonard – Former CFO, ECI

Dominic Capolongo – EVP and Global Head of Funding, PrimeRevenue

As private-equity-backed buyouts surge so does the pressure for portfolio companies to become high performers post-buyout. Private equity groups need a faster path to positive returns – and companies need to be able to respond.

Join former CFO of ECI, Mitch Leonard, and PrimeRevenue’s EVP and Global Head of Funding, Dominic Capolongo, as they discuss how one working capital finance solution, supply chain finance, is helping private-equity-owned companies fund growth, increase efficiency and meet value creation targets.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What’s shaping the current private equity environment and its impact on portfolio companies.

  • Common post-buyout challenges and how to overcome them.

  • How companies are using supply chain finance to increase enterprise value and provide a faster path to returns.

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Cyber risk in treasury: moving beyond fear

Duration: 65 minutes

Jan De Blauwe – Chief Security Officer, BNP Paribas Fortis

Jan Dirk van Beusekom – Head of Strategic Marketing, BNP Paribas Cash Management & Trade Solutions

March 2019
The 21st Century’s ‘perfect crime’, digital robbery and how to make it a little less perfect

Cyber threats are real and relevant to the treasury business with cyber risk now ranking as one of the biggest threats organisations say they face. The associated risks, though, are neither as new nor difficult to deal with as they are too often made out to be. Indeed, there are practical strategies for adequately managing this risk. In this webinar Jan De Blauwe, Chief Security Officer, BNP Paribas Fortis and Jan Dirk van Beusekom, Head of Strategic Marketing, BNP Paribas Cash Management & Trade Solutions will explain the various kinds of cyber threats, share how BNP Paribas is dealing with them and together with the audience, explore the practical steps that can move us all closer to a cyber-resilient treasury business.

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Money Market Fund Reform: Where is the market now?

Duration: 49 minutes

Philippe Renaudin – Money Market CIO, BNP Paribas Asset Management

Gregory Chereau – Money Market Investment Specialist, BNP Paribas Asset Management

February 2019

On 21st January 2019, compliance with the European Union’s Money Market Fund Reform should have became mandatory for the whole European money market fund industry. This deadline was recently extended to 21st March. A regulatory response to events in 2008/9 when liquidity in a handful of money market funds became scarce, the reform is designed to mitigate these risks from materialising again by introducing new requirements for money market funds around portfolio classification, investment policies, risk management, valuation and reporting.

These rule changes have had a notable impact on the industry. In this webinar, we provide an overview of how the industry and clients are reacting to the reform and question some of the choices that have been made.

BNP Paribas Asset Management’s Philippe Renaudin and Gregory Chereau share their views and analysis.

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Women in Treasury 2018 study results

Duration: 36 minutes

Helen Hanby – Director, International Treasury,Biogen

Christine Stokes – Managing Director, State Street Global Advisors

December 2018

At the heart of our hugely successful Women in Treasury initiative is our annual Women in Treasury Global Study which charts the views, experiences and insights of our female corporate treasury community. This webinar provides a unique opportunity to learn about some of the key findings of this important research, pose questions and hear the views of Women in Treasury across the globe.

Join us to hear Christine Stokes, Managing Director, State Street Global Advisors who will share her thoughts on the findings of our Women in Treasury Global Study 2018. Christine will be joined by our influential corporate speaker Helen Hanby, Director, International Treasury, Biogen and this lively discussion will be moderated by Sophie Jackson, Joint Publisher and Head of Strategic Content, Treasury Today Group. Their conversation will be followed by a Q&A session which will be open to all female corporate treasurers.

Join this thought-provoking debate to hear their insights and make your own voice heard.

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Digital treasury

Duration: 44 minutes

Jan Dirk van Beusekom – Head of Strategic Marketing at the Cash Management Competence Centre, BNP Paribas

October 2018

Digital technologies should not represent new cost, but demonstrate savings or additional value. In this webinar, Jan Dirk van Beusekom, Head of Strategic Marketing at the Cash Management Competence Centre of BNP Paribas Group will discuss how treasury should aim to remove complexity, improve transparency and control, and free up resources to ‘do more with less’ as part of its digital agenda.

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Open banking in a regulated world

Duration: 45 minutes

Steven Lenaerts – Head of Product Management Global Channels, BNP Paribas Cash Management

Stephanie Niemi – Deputy Head of Product Management Global Channels, BNP Paribas Cash Management

September 2018

The payment industry landscape is drastically evolving with new regulations coming into force (PSD2 and GDPR in Europe), fintechs stepping up in the payments value chain, and new API services enriching and challenging the existing e-banking solutions. In this corporate only webinar, Steven Lenaerts, Head of Product Management Global Channels and Stephanie Niemi, Deputy Head of Product Management Global Channels from BNP Paribas will share the bank’s vision on the open banking (r)evolution and the benefits corporate treasury can expect from it.

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Tax reform, USD repatriation and the impact on corporate treasurers

Duration: 36 minutes

Dan Burns – Financial Markets Editor, Thomson Reuters

August 2018

US tax policy shifts are having a significant influence on how multi-national corporations are allocating capital. Corporate Treasurers are now being thrust into the spotlight as the strategies implemented for managing both spending and investments become increasingly important to the overall health and performance of the organisation. The need for Treasurers to have access to the right tools and accurate data in order to support complex decision making has never been greater.

Join us to explore how US tax policy shifts are influencing the repatriation of the US dollar and what the potential implication is for multi-national corporations.

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Why should you adhere to the FX Code of Conduct

Duration: 59 minutes

Frances Hinden – VP Treasury Operations, Shell

Neill Penney – MD & Co-head, Trading, Thomson Reuters

August 2018

There is a commonly held view that the new FX Code of Conduct only applies to the sell side – introduced as a punishment for historical wrongdoings. As a consequence, very few corporates have signed up.

This view could not be any further from the truth. The Code is not about past misdeeds, but about building a better industry for the future, defined by greater consistency, robust audit trails and objective assessment of trading performance. It is therefore something that the whole industry should recognise and follow.

In this webinar, Neill Penney, MD & Co-Head, Trading at Thomson Reuters, and Frances Hinden, VP Treasury Operations at Shell, share their thoughts on the progress of the Code thus far. They also outline why corporates should engage with the Code to shape a better future for the industry.

Please note that this webinar is hosted on the Thomson Reuters platform. If you wish to watch this webinar you will be directed to the Thomson Reuters website.

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Creating an optimal operating structure for your business in Asia

Duration: 40 minutes

Andrew Farnhill – Sales Head, Global Transaction Services, DBS London

July 2018

Digital technology is transforming and inspiring new working practices. Treasurers and CFOs typically rely on their bank’s advisory services to help articulate the value proposition of digitisation, and identify where the greatest value can be added. This session will unveil how Treasurers can use real-time simulations of cash management structures to manage and project their cash positions at the click of a button. Join our webinar to find out about this platform, and discover how you can derive optimised outcomes for your enterprise, within the context of risk, return and regulation.

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The fundamentals of end-to-end FX excellence

Duration: 44 minutes

Chan Man Wai – Treasury Manager, Sime Darby

Raj Melvani – Head of Market Development, Corporates & Supply Chain, Asia, Thomson Reuters

Dan Guille – Director Transaction Sales, FXall

June 2018

FX risk management is an area where many treasury teams will admit improvements can be made. Indeed, the volatile market conditions experienced in the past few years have highlighted the flaws in many treasury teams' FX risk management workflow and processes, with some suffering from significant losses as a result. These losses certainly do not shine the corporate treasury in a good light and it is likely the board will have a lot of questions about why this happened.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, many treasury teams have started to leverage technology to drive best practices in pre-trade risk management and execution. They are also increasingly looking to take advantage of post-trade analysis to manage on-going risk exposures. Doing so is allowing them to not just mitigate the risk, but also drive improvements in the bottom line and add significant value to their organisation.

In this exclusive webinar, in partnership with Thomson Reuters, we will explain how your treasury can achieve end-to-end FX excellence.

Join Chan Man Wai, Treasury Manager at Sime Darby and Adam Smith Awards Asia winner, who talks through how the company transformed its pre-trade FX risk management workflow and process to deliver significant value to the bottom line. Raj Melvani, Head of Market Development, Corporates & Supply Chain, Asia at Thomson Reuters, will then talk through how technology can help corporates quickly and easily settle FX trades. We will also hear from Dan Guille, Director Transaction Sales at Thomson Reuters who will talk through the fundamentals of execution analysis on FXall for corporates and the value this can add.

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The New Sanctions Compliance Challenge: how the right processes and systems can help corporate treasury mitigate risk

Duration: 51 minutes

Bill North – Head of Global Sales, Pelican

Jesse Spiro – Global Head of Threat Finance & Emerging Risks, Thomson Reuters

April 2018

Last summer, New Zealand aircraft manufacturer Pacific Aerospace was charged with breaking new United Nations sanctions after an aircraft it sold to a Chinese company ended up on a runway in North Korea. The company pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing; penalties may take the form of substantial fines or imprisonment of up to 12 months for individual executives.

This is not an isolated incident, in fact, 99.58% of the total value of fines imposed for breaching US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions last year were issued to non-banking institutions.

Sanctions filtering and “know your customer” are therefore not just banking problems. Regulations are perpetually becoming more complex and companies are expected to abide by all relevant laws in the places where they do business.

With an ever-growing workload and strategic position within the business, what impact does today’s dynamic geopolitical environment have on the role of corporate treasury, especially if their company operates globally or is looking to enter new markets?

Please note that this webinar is hosted on the Thomson Reuters platform. If you wish to watch this webinar you will be directed to the Thomson Reuters website.

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Future proof your treasury – a better way to measure TRMS impact

Duration: 49 minutes

Craig Jeffery – Founder, Strategic Treasurer

Jerald Seti – Vice President, Product Management, Openlink

Philip Pettinato – Chief Executive Officer, ION Treasury

April 2018

The forward-thinking Group Treasurer of a commodity-intensive corporation isn’t just looking to centralise and automate treasury operations these days. They are being far more strategic and considering the bigger picture, including a real-time view of enterprise physical and financial commodity risk, supply chain and direct spend analytics, and how to deliver accurate and timely reporting to the CFO and board. And this all needs to be done in a way that doesn’t break the bank from an IT perspective, by using the cloud. On top of this, the forward-thinking Group Treasurer also wants to sit in that coveted C-suite seat and be the next CFO.

To get to the next level it takes more than just a successful TMS implementation project. It takes a village – you must look beyond just what treasury needs in order to make it a strategically successful project. What do the commodity traders need? What does manufacturing need? What does finance, audit and accounting need? What does IT need? How can you maximise the impact of a project like this for the best return on investment and for the long-term benefit of the enterprise? Today’s Group Treasurers are providing a more strategic role in their organisation’s businesses, and becoming more sophisticated in how they manage treasury and risk. They have taken on broader responsibilities including the monitoring and management of risk exposure across the firm and identifying opportunities for optimisation of liquidity and funding.

Join Craig Jeffery, Founder of Strategic Treasurer consultants, Jerald Seti, VP Product Management at Openlink and Philip Pettinato, Chief Executive Officer, ION Treasury on a webinar (hosted by Treasury Today) to learn about the challenges Group Treasurers of commodity-intensive corporates face as they navigate toward a strategic treasury and risk solution, and how to build the business case for doing so.

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The hidden dimensions of instant payments

Duration: 43 minutes

Francis De Roeck – Head of SEPA offering, BNP Paribas

March 2018

Are instant payments just a new instrument along-side other payment methods or are they going to prove to be an industry game changer?

Instant payments technology has so much more to offer to banks and corporates than just a payment within 10 seconds. From complementing/replacing card payments to offering new clearing possibilities, with a well-organised implementation, instant payments have the potential to become really disruptive.

In this webinar, after an introduction to the key features and building blocks of instant payments, BNP Paribas’ Head of SEPA offering will offer a more detailed description of the typical features beyond the ‘10sec.-real-time-payment’. The webinar will also bring some interesting, possible future use cases for corporates to the fore.

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The impact of US monetary policy normalisation, tax reform and other developments on your cash investments

Duration: 40 minutes

Thomas Kolimago – CFA, Managing Director, BlackRock

Crystina Hickey – CFA, Vice President, BlackRock

January 2018

2017 was a year of great change in the US cash markets; investors were confronted with a US Federal Reserve that raised interest rates multiple times while kicking-off the normalisation of its balance sheet in an expanding economy. Adding to the complicated landscape for 2018 is US tax reform and the wholesale change such legislation could create in how multi-national corporations and other investors utilize US dollar denominated cash management products.

Amidst this evolving landscape, the global cash paradigm is shifting and prompting many global treasurers to rethink how they manage their cash. Join BlackRock Global Cash Management’s Tom Kolimago, Global Head of Credit and Investment Research, and Crystina Hickey, Institutional Cash Sales Asia, for a discussion on the outlook for monetary policy and other forces in money markets. As you consider your cash investment strategy for 2018, be informed on the interest rate trajectory, implications of the winding down of the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet management, tax reform and other developments to help guide you in positioning and optimising your cash portfolios in what promises to be another dynamic year.


This advertisement/material is issued by BlackRock for Institutional Investors only (or Professional/Wholesale Investors as such terms may apply in local jurisdictions) and does not constitute investment advice or an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell in any securities. BlackRock funds or any investment strategy nor any securities be offered or sold to any person in any jurisdiction in which such an offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the securities laws or any other relevant laws of such jurisdictions. Risk is inherent in all investing. © 2018 BlackRock, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BLACKROCK is a registered trademark of BlackRock, Inc. All other trademarks are those of their respective owners.

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Innovate and optimise: how to better manage your collections

Duration: 43 minutes

Coralie van Zyl – Head of Product Development Payments and Collections, BNP Paribas

Dennie Servranckx – Product Manager Collections, BNP Paribas

January 2018

In a perfect world, your client is as eager to pay as you are to be paid. The client can use the payment instrument of his choice, with a minimum effort to do the initiation. The collecting entity identifies the payment automatically and allocates the received funds to an outstanding invoice with a straight-through reconciliation.

Collections are the foundation of treasury management and vitally important for the liquidity of any company. So why are you still dreaming about the perfect world?

Join this webinar to discover the way to an improved and innovative collection management.

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Pushing the boundaries of treasury technology

Duration: 29 minutes

Alexander Schulze – Cash Manager Europe, Nordson Holdings

Ralf Irentschiuk – Director Solution Strategy Receivables, Hanse Orga Group

November 2017

All the data a treasury team needs is often held in its ERP system. The problem, however, is that until now this data has not always been easily accessible and easy to export into treasury systems.

A host of new tools though are providing forward-thinking treasury teams with the chance to harness this data and benefit from direct integration of their treasury management with the central ERP system. The results of doing so can be outstanding with treasury able to revolutionise their processes and how they support the business.

In this webinar, we hear first-hand how Nordson, the world leader in precision dispensing, fluid control and related technologies, with facilities in nearly 40 countries have been able to enhance data quality, accelerate processes and achieve a central overview of KPI for their treasury by using Hanse Orga’s FS FinanceSuite, now the next generation FS².

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Control your own KYC

Duration: 26 minutes

Rana Datta – Head of KYC and Onboarding Sales, Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters

November 2017

The challenges associated with know your customer (KYC) compliance have escalated for corporate treasury teams around the world in recent years. This has made basic tasks such as opening a bank account turn into a time consuming and complex activity, eating into the time of treasury teams and negatively impacting the business.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Today there are a number of KYC managed services and utilities that can greatly reduce the KYC pressure on corporations. Join, Rana Datta, Head of KYC & On-Boarding, APAC at Thomson Reuters as he explores in detail the challenges that corporates face around KYC and what tools and solutions can help solve these.

If KYC is a burden for your treasury department, this is a webinar not to miss.

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Why you should be thinking about your investment strategy

Duration: 38 minutes

Thant Han – Portfolio Manager, Standish Mellon Asset Management

Chris Brown – Head of Money Markets, Insight Investment

Simon Derrick – Managing Director, Head of BNY Mellon Market Strategy

October 2017

Almost a decade since the Global Financial Crisis, Money Market Strategies remain a staple investment tool, but how have they changed? Given the zero interest rates or even negative interest rates of today what opportunities are there for investors to manage their cash positions, and what is the outlook given the increasing talk of normalisation?

Join Simon Derrick, Managing Director, Head of BNY Mellon Market Strategy, Thant Han, Portfolio Manager, Standish Mellon Asset Management, Chris Brown, Head of Money Markets, Insights Investment and the Treasury Today Group as they discuss the opportunities and long-term outlook.

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The Grey Swan has arrived – risk visualisation in an uncertain world

Duration: 40 minutes

Mark O’Toole – Vice President of Treasury & Commodities Solutions, OpenLink

September 2017

Join us to discover the challenges around enterprise risk, how a treasurer can gain better controls around risk and the benefits it can give to companies.

Nowadays, the strength of a corporate treasurer is no longer judged on centralised processing prowess. In a world riddled with geopolitical uncertainty, treasurers need to be futurists who don’t operate in black or white options. Those who sit at the top of commodity-intensive industries know there’s a grey area between the white swan world of well planned and executed corporate strategies and the unpredictable devastation of a black swan event.

Unknown, volatile and potentially devastating events could come at any time and as anyone who works in a commodity or currency reliant industry can attest, there is no such thing as a non-volatile year. Somewhere in between the calm and the chaotic are the grey swans, those disruptive events that are likely to occur. Black swans are the wildly improbable events such as the 2008 financial crash, or the impact felt by the decoupling of the Swiss Franc in 2015. While unpredictable, some events are probable, which is why today’s treasurers need to look out for those grey swans as risk management becomes an integral part of operations.

Today’s corporate treasurers are providing a more strategic role in their organisation, and becoming more sophisticated in how they are managing their treasury functions. They have taken on broader responsibilities including the monitoring and management of risk exposure across the firm and identifying opportunities for optimisation of liquidity and funding.

Join Mark O’Toole, Vice President of Treasury & Commodities Solutions at OpenLink and the Treasury Today Group as they discuss the challenges corporates are facing in the marketplace today.

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Voice of Corporate Treasury

Duration: 46 & 45 minutes

Sonia Clifton-Bligh – Director, Regional Treasury Services Centre, APAC, Johnson & Johnson

Andreas Resei – European Treasurer, Mondi

Séverine Le Blévennec – Director EMEA Treasury, Honeywell

Johnson Kunnummel Mani – Senior Manager – Group Treasury Risk & Insurance, Finance, Emirates Global Aluminium

Maeve Robinson – Assistant Treasurer, Omnicom Group Inc.

John Nielsen – Head of Treasury, MAHLE Industries, Incorporated

Sponsor spokesperson

Jonathon Traer-Clark – Head of Strategy & Advisory for Global Transaction Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

September 2017

625 corporate treasury professionals have had their say on the future of our industry in our Voice of Corporate Treasury Global Study 2017. What do these findings mean for corporate treasurers and how will this impact the corporate treasury space for the future? In these webinars, our corporate panellists debate some of the key findings:

  • Responsibilities and outlook.

  • Treasury priorities.

  • Bank relationships.

  • Risk management.

  • Technology, cyber-security and fraud.

  • Funding, liquidity and investments.

Listen to what your peers had to say and be part of the global conversation.

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Benchmarking on Mars

Duration: 43 minutes

Fina Ching – Asia Tax, Treasury and Benefits Director, Mars Foods Inc.

May 2017

Mars introduced a four-phased approach to its benchmarking exercise which has identified best-in-class solutions, working with its partner bank, across each of its key business lines. They have realised operational and treasury efficiencies and it is a process of continuous improvement supported by an annual two-day session between Mars and its bank.

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A DIY approach to treasury technology

Duration: 46 minutes

Randy Ou – Treasury VP, Alibaba Group

Olivia Yang – Product Manager, Alibaba Group

April 2017

This e-commerce giant decided to develop a treasury management platform in-house. They have delivered a web-based system which provides cash visibility, transaction based liquidity, investment and financing management systems with standard operational processes and a management dashboard. The platform presents its uniqueness and strengths featuring the capabilities of multi-banking, automation, real-time based data analytics, secure and reliable technical infrastructure, and user friendly interface. The benefits of this have been notable, including improving cash visibility to more than 95%.

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Reaching new heights in treasury

Duration: 42 minutes

Adam Boukadida – Deputy Treasurer, Etihad Airways

Ricky Thirion – Group Treasurer, Etihad Airways

March 2017

Etihad were successful in two other categories this year in addition to being awarded our Top Treasury Team for 2016.

Under the leadership of Ricky Thirion, Group Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, Adam Ben Boukadida, the company has delivered a multi-disciplined programme covering payment processing, liquidity management, collections and supply chain finance ahead of a scheduled change to the ERP platform in H216. This was a cross-functional team effort involving treasury, finance and IT.

They also provided a classic lesson in how to issue a Global Cash Management Request for Proposal (RFP) to accommodate the company’s requirements across 71 countries. Having selected two key partner banks, one to cover the Middle East and the other as international partner, some impressive benefits accrued. This project earned them Overall Winner in the Best Cash Management Solution category.

You may also recall this company has won previously with a most innovative solution whereby it used landing rights at London’s Heathrow airport to secure finance. Well, this time it has managed to secure financing ($700,000 6.875% Notes due 2020) along with its equity partners (namely Alitalia, Air Berlin, JetAirways and Air Seychelles) for capital expenditure and investment in fleet as well as for refinancing depending on each airline’s needs. A most impressive and deserving overall winner in the Best Financing Solution category.

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Are you spending too much time with your banks?

Duration: 36 minutes

Anita Mehra – VP Microsoft Financing, Microsoft

March 2017

The corporate finance team at this household name used to spend about a third of their working hours with banks and the boss wanted to know why. They implemented a bank relationship tracker to monitor bank engagement and improved their ROI considerably as a result.

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Are you ready for the new FX landscape?

Duration: 41 minutes

Neill PenneyManaging Director, Trading, Thomson Reuters

February 2017

Following a number of recent scandals, the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) has outlined its new global code of conduct for foreign exchange with an aim to bring confidence and transparency back to the foreign exchange markets. The move will of course mean changes to the FX industry that will have an acute impact on how banks and corporate treasury departments interact.

What do these changes mean for corporate treasurers and how will they impact their FX trading activity? In this webinar, Neill Penney, Managing Director, Trading at Thomson Reuters outlines what this all means and why it may be a good time for treasurers to take a deeper look into their FX activity.

The objective being not only to ensure that treasury is prepared for the new rules, but also to look at ways to begin leveraging best in class analytical tools to conduct a prudent transaction cost analysis (TCA) of all deals and prove best execution, tap into new trading strategies, leverage performance measurement tools in order to demonstrate their worth, meet due diligence requirements and enhance performance.

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765,000 rooms globally: how do you manage risk?

Duration: 38 minutes

Fred Schacknies – SVP & Treasurer, Hilton

February 2017

This project’s focus on risk mitigation was a Highly Commended Winner in the Best Risk Management Solution category.

Hilton’s story is noteworthy in the degree of turnaround relative to the original problem. They had a large, complex portfolio of intercompany loans, maintained in multiple databases and without a policy governing associated transactions. It had no comprehensive visibility to aggregate positions or exposures. Hilton had no prospective sense of potential FX risk to earnings or cash flow. Lacking that information, it had no ability to mitigate either risk. Today, Hilton’s intercompany loan portfolio has been reorganised and dramatically simplified.

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Managing the almighty greenback: optimising your US Dollar cash flows globally

Duration: 45 minutes

Walid Shuman – Managing Director, Head of Cash Management Americas, Corporate & Institutional Banking, BNP Paribas

Jan Rottiers – Managing Director, Head of Liquidity Management Products & Projects, BNP Paribas

James Santoro – Managing Director and Head of Liquidity & Investment Advisory Americas, Corporate & Institutional Banking, BNP Paribas

January 2017

The US Dollar continues to be the most dominant currency for global trade flows. Most multinationals are forced to deal with significant USD flows throughout their financial supply chain around the world. Managing these flows across different regions, time-zones and regulatory environments can be very challenging, whether organizations are collecting USD from customers, paying USD to their suppliers or investing excess USD. For those excess funds, what options are available to optimize return on USD located throughout the world.

BNP Paribas will discuss key considerations in determining the right model and share case studies and best practices of how to efficiently manage global US Dollar flows. The question becomes what is the right model for your organization?

  • USD accounts structures
  • USD pooling solutions
  • Optimizing return on excess USD cash positions
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Key steps to improved foreign currency management

Duration: 42 minutes

Wim Grosemans – Head of Product Management – International Payments & local offer EMEA region, Cash Management, BNP Paribas

Adrian Brown – Head of Commercialisation – FX+, BNP Paribas

December 2016

As globalisation continues to drive the need for international payments, corporates are focusing on the underlying FX as well as the payment itself. Increasingly, they require their banks to offer fully integrated payment and FX platforms. BNP Paribas’ new cross-currency solution is designed to meet these requirements. Wim Grosemans and Adrian Brown, in dialogue with Treasury Today, will discuss the following four solutions which result in improved foreign currency management:

  • FX in global disbursements.
  • Foreign currency account consolidation.
  • Making efficient cross border payments.
  • Cross currency cash pools.
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Driving the “Power of Dreams” with technology

Duration: 33 minutes

Kevin PinnegarEuropean Group Treasurer, Honda Motor Europe

November 2016

This company certainly harnesses the power of technology to drive the ‘Power of Dreams’. Their solution includes SAP Treasury Risk Management, SAP Cash Management, SAP Bank Communication Management and SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for SEPA and non-SEPA payments channel infrastructure – hear from Kevin Pinnegar, European Group Treasurer how they delivered all this in less than six months.

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Ericsson leverages technology to improve currency risk management

Duration: 34 minutes

Magnus Attoff – Head of Financial Risk Management & Operations, Ericsson

Wolfgang Koester – Chief Executive Officer, FiREapps

November 2016

This is no ordinary solution. With operations in 180 countries, exposures to 100+ currencies and more than 500 currency pairs, Ericsson's exposures are large and their operations, highly complex. Hear from Magnus Attoff, Head of Financial Risk Management and Operations for Ericsson how and why they materially improved currency risk management to address an increasing volatile environment; and what the award-winning results were.

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Repo enabler?…Try SWIFT

Duration: 45 minutes

Marco Brähler – Head of Treasury Back Office, Roche

Ken Bogert – Treasury Operations Specialist, Roche

October 2016

This solution leverages SWIFT to deliver an alternative source of funding which, since September 2015, has successfully accomplished half a billion euro with multiple repo trades. This is an innovative project which was awarded a Highly Commended winner in the Best SWIFT Solution category.

With this solution the back office team has shown that it can quickly adapt to new requirements from the front office by enhancing the utilisation of the current SWIFT SCORE and MA-CUG agreements. One of the main challenges was to send out and match at least four SWIFT messages per deal initiation and another four at maturity (MT199, MT599, MT540, MT542 and additional MT540/542 if ‘repo’d’ multiple securities).

Since there was no ‘out-of-the-box’ software solution for tri-party repos in their TMS, a new repo framework was built in SAP on top of the correspondence matching engine with in-house expertise.

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Big isn’t always beautiful

Duration: 39 minutes

Klaas A. Springer – Director Corporate Treasury, Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.

October 2016

The treasury team at Royal FrieslandCampina has demonstrated you don’t have to be a big team to make a real impact and were a Highly Commended Top Treasury Team.

They have implemented several projects in just 16 months across a broad spectrum of cash, treasury, technology and financing areas. Royal FrieslandCampina is an unrated company which makes the financing solution, for which they were awarded a Highly Commended in the Best Financing Solution category, a little different. This solution includes a Schuldschein, a type of privately-placed German debt similar to a mid-term note and is the first green debt instrument to be issued by a dairy company and the first issued by a non-German issuer.

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One channel, one format, one security module and one security policy

Duration: 28 minutes

Benedikt Zimmermann-Kuehne – Cash Manager, Kuehne + Nagel

September 2016

This is not just about SWIFT as the company was also implementing a new ERP platform. They now cover the whole world (and they are present in over 100 countries) with just eight banks. The SWIFT solution is now live in more than 60 countries and they expect to complete the project in the summer of 2017.

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Bankers collaborate to deliver a win/win solution

Duration: 40 minutes

Anita PrasadGeneral Manager, Treasury Capital Management, Microsoft

May 2016

The culmination is a solution comprising three banks, each of which took on an equal role. It really is a uniquely collaborative solution for supply chain financing which you cannot afford to miss.

When representatives of three US banks attended the 2014 Adam Smith Awards ceremony they got more than their lunch! A conversation with last year’s Woman of the Year winner, Anita Prasad of Microsoft planted the seeds for the banks to collaborate on a unique supply chain finance solution. Microsoft insisted they wanted true equality and they would pitch this to their vendors as a financing offer from the three banks invited. After covering a lot of emotional, legal, regulatory, KYC and financial challenges, the three banks agreed. Hear from Anita how she achieved this.

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Fast moving treasury

Duration: 42 minutes

Dinesh ThaparGeneral Manager & Head of Treasury, Investor Relations and M&A, Hindustan Unilever Limited

RavishankarSenior Finance Manager – Treasury and Insurance, Hindustan Unilever Limited

Mitesh ThakkerFunds and Forex Manager, Hindustan Unilever Limited

April 2016

In the fast moving and ever evolving consumer goods (FMCG) sector corporates need to be ready for both now and the future. Hear how Hindustan Unilever (HUL) embarked on an ambitious journey to transform its transaction banking capabilities, which involved rewiring a range of internal processes and deploying best in class solutions, with a strong emphasis on technology and simplification. The aim to make transaction banking capabilities future ready.

The project, which was delivered alongside business as usual operations, saw HUL become early-adopters of SWIFT’s ISO-based XML payment with SAP integration. To leverage this further the company initiated SWIFT based invoice discounting and a first-of-its-kind payment of statutory taxes and levies over SWIFT. Furthermore, HUL has exploited its early-adopter mind-set to develop a strong e-collections set-up, using the new ACH Debit module of the National Payments Corporation (NPCI).

The benefits include HUL being able to reduce its bank accounts across eight legal entities by more than 75% in a short space of time. Moreover, 99% of payments and collections are now electronic and there has been a significant improvement in banking process efficiency and controls across the board.

In this webinar hear how General Manager & Head of Treasury, Investor Relations and M&A at HUL, Dinesh Thapar and his team were able to complete this project.

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Cars run on credit, not gas!

Duration: 42 minutes

Eric SenayVice President and Treasurer, Hyundai Capital America

Frank BorochDirector of Capital Markets and Investor Relations, Hyundai Capital America

April 2016

HCA embarked upon a multi-year strategic plan which mapped out a new organisational structure spanning eight domains of expertise ranging from treasury operations and cash management to investor relations, exposure and risk management – a truly remarkable journey of transformation.

Hyundai Capital America (HCA) is a top ten auto lender. While initially HCA relied on low-cost asset backed securities (ABS) and attractive bank lending facilities to fund the lion’s share of its funding needs, asset growth propelled HCA’s balance sheet from $5bn in 2009 to close to $20bn by the end of 2012. Eric Senay and Frank Boroch share the key elements of HCA Treasury’s work including diversification of funding channels to support business expansion, deepening of liquidity sources to soundly manage the inherent volatility in the business, de-risking of the balance sheet through sophisticated liability management, reduction of interest expenses through improved financial community management and optimisation of funding instruments, and enhancement of flexibility for the business to finance incremental asset classes.

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Building the network – seven key pillars

Duration: 46 minutes

Harjeet KohliGroup Head – Funding, Risk, Markets & Investors (GFRM), Bharti Airtel

March 2016

Do you want to become a more strategic and vital partner to the business? Let Harjeet Kohli explain how.

Harjeet Kohli has been incredibly busy and successful over the past couple of years. The GFRM team at Bharti Airtel, which he leads, has collected no fewer than four Adam Smith Awards, including Overall Winner, Treasury Today Asia’s Top Treasury Team 2014 as well as a Highly Commended Winner in this same category in 2015. Harjeet was also the overall winner in 2015 in the First Class Relationship Management category for his approach to internal and external stakeholder management. In this webinar Harjeet will share his experiences from the many projects he and his team have been implementing. His GFRM team has delivered some impressive results through a major treasury transformation programme spanning seven key pillars of the treasury function – debt management, risk management, working capital management, ratings management, capital structure management, controls and compliance and policy and governance. This webinar will explain how he has achieved so much and how GFRM is now firmly established as a strategic partner to the business.

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Does your treasury require major surgery?

Duration: 43 minutes

Forrest VollrathExecutive Director of Treasury Operations Health Care Service Corporation

David T. DeranekSenior Manager of Treasury Operations Health Care Service Corporation

Julie QualiatoDirector of Treasury Operations and Controls Health Care Service Corporation

March 2016

Sometimes continually patching up processes just isn’t enough and major surgery is needed. Hear how HCSC gave their treasury new life with an all-encompassing treasury transformation project.

The sheer scale of projects undertaken by the team at HCSC warranted a most deserved winner as Judges’ Choice in our 2015 Adam Smith Awards.

Most treasuries aren't impacted by the US Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), which was the primary driver for this programme, but can all learn from the treasury transformation experiences presented in this webinar. They include solutions delivering process improvements ranging from Treasury Operations, Cash Management and Cash Forecasting to Corporate Governance and Audit Controls, Treasury Systems Architecture and, importantly, Staff Development and Enrichment. Register now to hear Forrest Vollrath, David Deranek and Julie Qualiato explain what they did.

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$8.4bn cash pile – show me the money

Duration: 42 minutes

Séverine Le BlévennecDirector EMEA Treasury Honeywell

February 2016

Ever wondered where your company’s cash is? Honeywell doesn’t, having been able to achieve 100% daily cash visibility on their 2,241 bank accounts and all cash investment transactions around the globe.

Honeywell had built up cash significantly since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, to over $8.4bn today. Counterparty risk has also been a growing concern as banks were hit by junk portfolios, new regulations and ensuing credit downgrades. Honeywell therefore needed to completely revamp its counterparty risk management process. Honeywell decided to harness the power of technology to address the situation. Séverine Le Blévennec, Director EMEA Treasury explains how the company leveraged a range of technology components to provide 100% daily cash visibility on their 2,241 bank accounts and all cash investment transactions around the globe.

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Bringing the cash home

Duration: 41 minutes

Matthew Clarke – Group Treasurer, Intertek Group

February 2016

The era of trapped cash in China is over. Hear how one of the trail-blazing companies in cross-border RMB established their market-leading structure and how you can too.

This was a major issue for this company until it introduced a trailblazing solution which Matthew Clarke, Group Treasurer at Intertek is willing to share with you. China accounts for around 20% of Intertek’s revenue and an even greater percentage of its operating profit and cash flow so the need to repatriate the cash back to the UK was a major challenge. This solution takes maximum advantage of the changing regulatory environment to deliver a robust, yet flexible, sweeping structure to maximise cut-off times for same-day value. Intertek applied for a quota for its onshore entities to lend to related offshore entities and was one of the first ten companies to get approval in Shanghai, and the very first in Guangzhou.

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Want to know the secret to a good night’s sleep? Mitigate your risks

Duration: 33 minutes

John Coon – Global Treasury Manager, Dow Corning Corporation

January 2016

Dow Corning had $2bn plus in cash and investments and protecting this from counterparty default was a major challenge. However, their counterparty risk management approach had historically fallen short of industry standards. The management approach involved a considerable amount of manual monitoring, was primarily reactive vs proactive and was limited in scope. John Coon, Global Treasury Manager explains how the company mobilised its resources to build a Counterparty Risk Dashboard to become a fully automated one-stop-shop for treasury.

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Collection Factory – 1st class coaching to boost your collections

Duration: 39 minutes

Guillaume Flies – Head of Collections, BNP Paribas

December 2015
Keep up with the trends

With SEPA acting as a catalyst for centralisation, corporates are looking at opportunities to increase the efficiency of their collection process(-es). In this context, integrating a CoBo (Collection-on-Behalf-of) scheme to a collection factory model is now gaining ground, and several corporates have made the leap thanks to BNP Paribas support.

Make your collections fitter

If your objective is to reduce the weight of your collection processes, their costs or the volume of manual tasks, join our webinar session presented by our senior advisor Guillaume Flies.

Meet Guillaume Flies, our Senior Collections Advisor

Guillaume Flies started his career in 2005 as a financial controller and treasury project coordinator in a large retail company. He then joined PwC as a treasury consultant where he specialised in cash management, bank relationship management and corporate treasury processes. In 2013, he integrated BNP Paribas Cash Management Competence Centre as Global Product Manager for Virtual Accounts, in charge of steering the deployment of this innovative solution worldwide. Recently appointed Head of Collections, Guillaume now leads all the collection initiatives within BNP Paribas and is a senior advisor on all related issues.

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Banks – what’s the score?

Duration: 44 minutes

Chris Hanson – Sr. Director/Assistant Treasurer, Brocade Communications Systems Inc.

December 2015

In the past, the relationships between Brocade and its banking partners were less than optimal. The existing process for bank relationship management was not structured or comprehensive. Therefore, the evaluations on banking partners were mainly from fragmented feedback among the treasury staff. The other business units in Brocade could not properly select right banking partners for their specific needs because of lacking of an accurate assessment on their banks. Chris Hanson describes the Bank Relationship Scorecard they have developed at Brocade.

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Women in Treasury Study: The Study Results

Duration: 41 minutes

Alison Rose – CEO, Commercial & Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest

November 2015

Alison Rose will discuss some of the key findings of our Treasury Today’s Women in Treasury Study 2015, proudly supported by Royal Bank of Scotland.

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CFO wants to know what your cash and counterparty exposures are globally? SaaS may be the answer

Duration: 39 minutes

Scott Lambert – Treasury Senior Director, Cigna

November 2015

Sounds a familiar request? Well it certainly was for Scott Lambert, Treasury Senior Director at global health service company, Cigna. From a landscape of no standardised global IT support and fragmented systems, Cigna decided a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution made the most sense. Hear from Scott what this meant for treasury, how the project unfolded and whether it has all been worthwhile.

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Excellence in Execution – Global Cash Management the Firmenich way

Duration: 47 minutes

Philippe Farine – VP Group Treasurer, Firmenich SA

Corinne Mérat – Project Manager, Firmenich SA

Isabel Paris – Senior Treasury Manager, Firmenich SA

Hervé Corre – Director Global Treasury Coordination, Firmenich SA

September 2015

This company is over 100 years old and has a presence in 64 countries. Philippe Farine, VP Group Treasurer at Firmenich has a simple principle “Excellence in Execution” as he illustrates in this Global Cash Management project. The programme covers all 28 affiliates able to join the company’s global cash pooling solution as well as the inter-company netting process. It was completed with the implementation of a ‘POBO’ structure serving more than 20 affiliates. In less than two years, Philippe has set up a Global In-House-Bank (IHB). This was made possible by the preliminary implementation of a single SAP instance (ECC6 version) and two new SAP modules (IHC and BCM) to run the IHB.

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US Interest Rates – hear key insights from Thomson Reuters and learn what corporates are doing

Duration: 42 minutes

Daniel Stanton – Head of Asian Credit, Thomson Reuters

Michael Sack – Head of Treasury & Financing, Sivantos Group, Global Treasury Center, Singapore

July 2015

Whether you are an investor or a borrower, you need to be aware of the likely course of US interest rates and position yourself accordingly. Watch this webinar to hear the latest insights from a Thomson Reuters expert and the views of a corporate who is actively involved.

Daniel Stanton, Head of Asian Credit at IFR, Thomson Reuters’ flagship capital markets publication, talks about how corporates are accessing bond market financing in various currencies in advance of likely US interest rate hikes, and describe the kind of deals that resonate with investors.

Michael Sack, Head of Financing at the Sivantos Group, Global Treasury Center in Singapore shares his perspective and talk about how the team at Sivantos are positioning themselves for changes in US interest rates.

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Playing politics – how proactive political analysis can shore up short-term investment strategies

Duration: 35 minutes

Vijay Kuppa – Manager – Corporate Finance, Larsen & Toubro

June 2015

2013-2014 was one of the most challenging periods in recent memory for the Indian economy, but it was one of the most profitable for Indian conglomerate Larsen & Toubro. Driven by its investment philosophy and an acute understanding of the country’s political and economic standing the treasury was able to generate an alpha of approximately 2.5% on investments worth US$1 billion. An increase from the two previous years when markets in emerging economies, such as India, were relatively calmer.

So while we all know that the corporate treasury must have one eye at all times on the political and economic landscape of those countries in which it has operations, do treasurers know how to use information proactively as well as reactively? In this webinar we hear how Larsen & Toubro did exactly this and proactively analysed the political and economic landscape. Using this information to reinforce its short-term investment philosophy and make informed decisions that saw it outperform its expected rate of return and largely avoid any adverse impact from the turbulence affecting the Indian economy.

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Dreaming big: establishing an in-house bank and an FX trading on behalf of structure in Asia Pacific

Duration: 41 minutes

Jarno Timmerman – Head of Treasury SEAP (South East Asia Pacific), AkzoNobel

May 2015

The Asian Treasurer Webinars continue with Jarno Timmerman, Head of Treasury SEAP at AkzoNobel, who will be discussing their in-house bank and payment factory project as well as FX trading on behalf in restricted economies.

With centralisation on the agenda for treasury departments across Asia Pacific, the creation of an in-house bank structure is regarded by many as the end point on this journey. Establishing such a solution in the diverse regulatory landscape of Asia Pacific however, is not an easy task, and one that few have yet to accomplish.

Dutch multinational AkzoNobel however, are a company that has built such a structure and in this webinar Jarno Timmerman, Head of Treasury SEAP (South East Asia Pacific) at AkzoNobel explains how they did it and how they overcame the many challenges that they faced. In addition, Jarno also outlines how best practice has been implemented along with the solution that has allowed the region to align with the group’s corporate strategy and also obtain a number of benefits including reduced costs and greater control and visibility over its cash.

The innovative treasury team hasn’t stopped there however, and Jarno will also give insight into how AkzoNobel has built an FX trading on behalf of structure in some of the regions most restricted economies. A solution that has allowed them to manage better their FX exposures.

For all those treasurers dreaming big, or who just want to learn more, this webinar is one not to miss.

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eBam and digital ID – what can be done in the digital space?

Duration: 42 minutes

Jeanette Chang – Treasurer, Asia Pacfic, IBM

Neil Jeans – Head of Policy & Standards – Accelus Org ID, Thomson Reuters

April 2015

The ACTS and Thomson Reuters, in association with Treasury Today Asia, are delighted to present the first of a series of Asian Treasurer Webinars.

This sponsored webinar open to all addresses the important issue of account opening documentation and what can be done to bring the benefits of digitisation and electronic communication to the account opening process.

We start by talking with Jeanette Chang Treasurer, Asia Pacific, for IBM about the issues involved in operating multiple bank accounts for different operating units in different countries.

Then we hear from Neil Jeans, Head of Policy & Standards, Accelus Org ID at Thomson Reuters who will tell us what they are doing and considering doing in this space to meet the documentary requirements of the bank account management process.

SWIFT has developed some messaging solutions in this area but Thomson Reuters are going further and are beginning to address many of the documentary aspects. As Jeanette tells us, corporates and banks all agree the account opening and mandate management process is painful but the regulatory and legal requirements still have to be met. Thomson Reuters explains what they have developed and the practicalities of how the service works.

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Seeing the full picture: FX visibility made clear

Duration: 52 minutes

Frank Sassano – Snr. Director – Treasury Operations, Wyndham Worldwide Corp.

Mike Cassidy – Treasury Director, In-house Banking/EMEAI, Wyndham Worldwide Corp.

April 2015

Hear how Wyndham’s ambitious treasury transformation project has seen the company centralise its FX risk management decision-making, whilst optimising its liquidity management structure. Milestones include creating an in-house bank, implementing a netting programme, and establishing a single-entity multicurrency notional pool. As a result, the treasury team has been able to garner significant improvements in its FX scorecard metrics, together with impressive cost savings and process efficiencies.

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Consolidating banking and optimising cash with a small treasury team

Duration: 41 minutes

Franz Bramböck – Group Treasurer and Risk Management, TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G.

February 2015

In this webinar learn how TYROLIT reduced their intercompany transactions through their banks by over 90%. TYROLIT’s cash management and payments processes were fragmented, with each of the company’s subsidiaries maintaining its own banking relationships. The introduction of the Eurozone provided a first opportunity to consolidate the banking landscape and optimise the payment processes of the company’s seven entities within the zone. In fact, the company was an early mover in setting up a euro cash pool, and has seen the potential for enormous annual savings as a result.

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Reducing FX volatility and improving financial results

Duration: 29 minutes

Mark Hopkins – Director, Pfizer

November 2014

In this second webinar from Pfizer, our Treasury Team of the Year, Mark Hopkins tells us more about Pfizer’s hedging strategy. With over 60% of its revenues denominated in non USD currency swings can have a big impact on Pfizer’s financial results. The new programme Pfizer is implementing has reduced the spot rate volatility of currency pairs by over 30% and the net earnings exposure to currencies in the programme by over 50%.

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Managing cash from a single bank account

Duration: 45 minutes

Regan Nanbara – Director, Cash Management, Intel

October 2014

“Could you operate a 47-year-old multinational company the size of Intel from one bank account outside of the US and what would we have to do to get there?” That was the challenge Regan Nanbara, Director, Cash Management at Intel set his team and banking partners. Hear how they tackled this task and implemented a single cash concentration infrastructure in only seven months.

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Improving the Management of Cash Portfolio Risk

Duration: 33 minutes

Barry McKernan – Credit Analyst, Pfizer

September 2014

Barry McKernan talks about portfolio risk management techniques and how Pfizer have been using a new method of Value at Risk analysis which has been customised to monitor risks and exposures more accurately than its past approach. Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies by revenues. Headquartered in New York, the company contains a healthcare portfolio which includes medicines, vaccines and many of the world’s best-known consumer healthcare products.

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Treasury as a Value Creator

Duration: 43 minutes

Tatiana Nikitina – Corporate Finance Manager, BAT

July 2014

Tatiana Nikitina talks about BAT’s evolving treasury set-up, their SSC and treasury’s involvement with the company’s end markets. Addressing strategic as well as tactical issues Tatiana provides an insight into how this leading treasury operation adds value to the BAT organisation.

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Automating global cash pools and beyond

Duration: 43 minutes

Royston Da Costa – Group Assistant Treasurer, Treasury Systems and Development, Wolseley

May 2014

The journey commenced in 2010 from a TMS platform and electronic bank confirmations to the implementation of a global cash pooling structure. The company wanted to improve group liquidity, pay down external debt, reduce bank charges and improve cash visibility. Royston was charged with delivering a strategy to achieve these goals using his 20 years’ of treasury experience. In this Adam Smith Webinar, hear how the journey progressed with online dealing, automating the interface to ERP and a TMS upgrade, after which further automation was deployed. Royston will share his key learning points and discuss where the journey goes next. A useful ‘roadmap’ for fellow treasury professionals about to embark upon similar technology projects.

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SEPA as a springboard

Duration: 53 minutes

Marcus Hughes – Director Business Development, Bottomline Technologies

April 2014

Until now, SEPA has been viewed largely as a compliance project. But with the official migration deadline now behind us, and the six month transition period underway, it is time for corporate treasurers to look beyond mere compliance to the major efficiency opportunities that SEPA offers. This webinar looks at using SEPA as a springboard to streamlined accounts receivable and accounts payable and provide tips on best practice implementation.

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A new level of banking

Duration: 57 minutes

Martin Schlageter Head of Treasury Operations, Basel, Roche

Zampeta Fameli Cash Manager, Basel, Roche

Denis Reneau Senior SAP Treasury Specialist, Basel, Roche

March 2014

This pharmaceutical company has aimed for a new level of banking by focusing on reducing costs and complexity through better standardisation. Roche will highlight the benefits of its in-house bank solution, developed around SEPA, documenting the cost savings, efficiency gains and increased automation the project has delivered. With full ‘on behalf’ of solutions being implemented they have achieved a ‘virtual’ transaction banking environment.

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EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation)

Duration: 52 minutes

Andy Nash SVP Treasury, Ahold

Michelle Moran Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP

Gavin Jones VP Treasury, Ahold

Kicky Reef Legal Counsel, Ahold

Nadine Grevaz Treasury Director, Controlling and Project Management, Ahold

February 2014

Trade reporting under EMIR starts in February 2014 and many companies are going to be caught by the reporting requirements – even for internal trades. Any company established in Europe that uses derivatives, including FX forwards, will be impacted by the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). In certain cases, non-EU counterparties will also come under EMIR’s scope.

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Cash on demand

Duration: 57 minutes

Brice Zimmermann Head Treasury Control & Reporting, Novartis

Uwe Boesl General Manager, Novartis

January 2014

Brice Zimmermann and Uwe Boesl of Novartis take us on a journey through the Adam Smith award winning transformation of their finance department as they sought to obtain best practice in their cash management. Zimmermann and Boesl discuss not only how they achieved the transformation but offer valuable advice and guidance to fellow treasury professionals who may wish to carry out a similar project in the future.

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Managing Currency Volatility in Emerging Markets

Duration: 60 minutes

Phil Weisberg MD, Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Thomson Reuters

Eric Burroughs Editor FX Buzz, Reuters News

Damian Glendinning Corporate Treasurer, Lenovo

Phil Weisberg, Eric Burroughs and Damian Glendenning explore currency trends and recent volatility in emerging markets and advise how best to manage a Corporate Treasury department during these unstable times.

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How much cash do we actually have?

Duration: 59 minutes & 2 minutes

Anita Prasad General Manager, Treasury Capital Management, Redmond, Microsoft

We speak to Anita Prasad, General Manager, Treasury Capital Management at Microsoft who will take us through the story of how Microsoft is managing its cash around the world.

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SEPA Direct Debit: Safeguard your business

Duration: 50 minutes

Ali Moiyed – CEO, London, AccessPay

Ali Moiyed talks about scandals, regulations and the directions of SEPA that you should consider as you develop your SEPA migration strategy.

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