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Adam Smith Webinar launching with Microsoft Treasury

Published: Oct 2013


Treasury Today has launched its series of Adam Smith Webinars highlighting best practice in corporate treasury. Kicking off the series was Anita Prasad of Microsoft, winners of the Top Treasury Team Adam Smith Award in 2013.

Anita provides a vision of the future demonstrating Microsoft’s solution for turning big data into business intelligence allowing for:

  • More efficient management of a large number of banks across over the world.
  • The ability to compile multiple sources of data into a virtual warehouse then convert this data into manageable business intelligence.
  • The creation of a visual platform to simply present the data but also be able to drill down into the details through the click of a button.
  • Access to nearly 100% visibility of Microsoft’s cash.

This webinar was held on Wednesday 23rd October 2013.

Download slide pack

Watch the webinar presentation below and then view the video demonstration of the software Microsoft uses


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