Women in Treasury Global Equity Study 2023
Women in Treasury Global Equity Study 2023

Publication date: Sep 2023

This year’s respondents represent our most diverse set so far, particularly in terms of geography and ethnicity. Overall, a picture emerges this year of social pressure and awareness around women’s rights and gender equity being at record highs. At the same time a reverse and negative effect on female advancement has occurred in the fall out from the pandemic. Two opposing forces are converging, making this quite a unique moment when it comes to this important conversation.

Women in Treasury Global Study 2022

Publication date: Sep 2022

This year’s study results usher in a new era of positioning progress and collaboration at the centre of our data analysis. We are also now in a moment post-pandemic where we can assess the challenges that the last two years have posed to DEI agendas and to progress on women’s professional advancement. This year’s results highlight the societal burdens that women still disproportionately carry. The pandemic has certainly shown the domestic pressures placed on women that can have a bearing on women’s ability to reach their professional potential.

Women in Treasury Global Study 2021

Publication date: Oct 2021

In this year’s Women in Treasury Global Study there are a number of new elements. Most significantly, for the first time we have opened up the study to participants of all genders to take part. This is in response to the importance of everyone’s views on gender in the workplace to be heard and for us to actively engage with allies.

Treasury Today Group Global Sustainability Study 2021

Publication date: Aug 2021

Heading in the right direction

Treasury Today Group’s second Global Sustainability Study reveals a swathe of encouraging progress on ESG integration. Indeed, in one standout statistic 61% of our 2021 respondents are new to the survey and didn’t participate in 2020 in a reflection of the growing importance of ESG amongst the treasury community. Elsewhere, we saw a spike in responses from Latin American corporates and find treasury everywhere is spending more time on sustainability.

Treasury Today Group Global Sustainability Study 2020

Publication date: May 2020

Turning opinions into action

There is a sense that the concept of sustainability – the idea that through positive action now, we can ensure a viable future for generations to come – is so vast that surely the individual can have no meaningful impact on the outcome. There is a corresponding feeling that, as a truly global issue, isn’t it best just to let ‘other’, better qualified, agents take care of it?

Business without borders: treasury in the digital age

Publication date: Sep 2017

We are living through a period of unprecedented change driven, primarily, by the continual advancement of technology. The biggest impact has undoubtedly come from the proliferation of internet access, which has given rise to the hyper-connected world that we live in today. For businesses, this has created a tremendous opportunity to tap into a bigger consumer base and find new and substantial pockets of growth by selling goods online. Today, with the power of the internet, any business can be a global business.

21st century treasury: risk and reward in the digital age

Publication date: Sep 2016

Technology and digitisation is having a profound impact on all of our lives. We now live in a world interconnected by bits and bytes, and one in which personal handheld devices – often boasting more computing power than NASA had for the Apollo missions – now outnumber people.

Your gateway to SIBOS 2015

Publication date: Sep 2015

The first SIBOS event was hosted by SWIFT in 1978 in Brussels, five years after the society was founded. There were just 300 participants. In 2012, the last time the conference was held in Asia, over 6,000 delegates travelled to Osaka in Japan. Back in Asia this year, Singapore is a perfect venue for the conference as the country celebrates 50 years of independence.

Technology and innovation: redefining the rules of treasury

Publication date: Sep 2015

Technology is changing the way we live, the way we communicate, and the way we do business. In fact, technological innovation is changing the world as we know it and at an extremely rapid pace. Year-on-year growth in the 12 months from January 2014 saw the world population increase by 1.6%, yet over the same period, the number of active internet users soared by 21%, whilst social media accounts accessed by mobile devices increased by 23%.

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