Honda Adam Smith Webinar

Published: Nov 2016

Driving the ‘Power of Dreams’ with technology

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Adam Smith Awards 2016 Highly Commended Winner – Harnessing the Power of Technology

This company certainly harnesses the power of technology to drive the ‘Power of Dreams’. Their solution includes SAP Treasury Risk Management, SAP Cash Management, SAP Bank Communication Management and SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for SEPA and non-SEPA payments channel infrastructure – hear from Kevin Pinnegar, European Group Treasurer how they delivered all this in less than six months.

This webinar was held on Tuesday 15th November 2016.

Read the case study: Harnessing the Power of Technology

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Questions asked throughout the webinar

  • In terms of the SAP solution, can you give us some degree of project magnitude in terms of resource and time to deliver? (09:38)
  • Do you only have three banks globally where you are processing payments? (16:46)
  • How much work was involved in integrating SAP TRM with FXALL? Was it all done via SAP? (17:16)
  • What was the main driver for your business case for in-house cash? (19:51)
  • Did you consider any other TMS application? If yes, why? (27:22)
  • Why did you decide to go the Alliance Lite2 route rather than using a SWIFT service bureau? (28:03)
  • Who owns the in-house cash process and F111 payment runs, the SSC or European Treasury Team? (28:36)
  • Are payroll and tax payments paid via the POBO owned accounts? (28:58)
  • In terms of managing FX risk, to what extent have you been able to get a better idea of your FX exposures as a result of this new solution? (30:56)
  • As one key benefit, you mentioned a decrease in risk – how do you valuate the operational risk of SWIFT Alliance Lite2 – specifically AutoClient – where you need to hand over the USB Token to your IT team for daily login? (31:58)

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