Treasury Practice

HCSC Adam Smith Webinar

Published: Mar 2016

Does your treasury require major surgery?

Health Care Service Corporation

Adam Smith Awards Winner – Judges’ Choice

Sometimes continually patching up processes just isn’t enough and major surgery is needed. Hear how HCSC gave their treasury new life with an all-encompassing treasury transformation project.

The sheer scale of projects undertaken by the team at HCSC warranted a most deserved winner as Judges’ Choice in our 2015 Adam Smith Awards.

Most treasuries aren’t impacted by the US Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), which was the primary driver for this programme, but can all learn from the treasury transformation experiences presented in this webinar. They include solutions delivering process improvements ranging from Treasury Operations, Cash Management and Cash Forecasting to Corporate Governance and Audit Controls, Treasury Systems Architecture and, importantly, Staff Development and Enrichment. Register now to hear Forrest Vollrath, David Deranek and Julie Qualiato explain what they did.

This webinar was held on Wednesday 2nd March 2016.

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Questions asked throughout the webinar

  • How many people are in the treasury function within the corporation? (07:22)
  • Cash flow forecasting, is it one of your key performace indicators in terms of accuracy? If so, how has it improved since the programme has been introduced? (10:28)
  • Which treasury work station have you selected? What are the main reasons for selecting that vendor? (11:11)
  • Given the particular business and its unique requirements, was the treasury work station required to make several fundamental changes to it’s functionality to accomodate you or was it buy off the shelf, install and it worked as it was? (15:25)
  • Regarding the mix between the payment types that you have managed to automate through the EFT process, what proportion are US domestic only vs cross border payments? (22:07)
  • Is the Fed Reference number coming across on a same day BAI file or a separate file only including wires? (24:02)
  • What has been the percentage of variance from actual to forecast using your new approach to forecasting cash flow? (37:24)
  • This project at the start was in response to the US affordable care act, but do you believe the project would have progressed anyway? Was there a need to transform to treasury as you have done? (38:19)
  • Is there anything you would have done differently in this journey? If so, what are the main reasons of that? (38:19)

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