Treasury Today Asia January/February 2020 magazine cover

January/February 2020

Publication date: Jan 2020

Treasury in the Year of the Rat

As we begin a new year, many corporate treasurers will be pleased to see the back of 2019 – particularly those operating in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

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Treasury Today Asia November/December 2019 magazine cover

November/December 2019

Publication date: Nov 2019

The digital spice of life

India. One of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Four years ago, the Indian government made a decision that would change the lives for its 1.3 billion citizens forever. In making digital services available for all, the Indian government has not only improved the country’s online infrastructure, it has increased internet connectivity and widened opportunities for business.

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Treasury Today Asia September/October 2019 magazine cover

September/October 2019

Publication date: Sep 2019

Central reservation

When a business grows and reaches into a different region, setting up a regional treasury centre may be seen as a logical next step. After all, having somewhere closer to the action that can support business growth, cover the local footprint, and have treasury experts on tap, should be appealing. And what about the favourable tax regimes established by key locations; surely a major benefit?

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Treasury Today Asia July/August 2019 magazine cover

July/August 2019

Publication date: Jul 2019

Advantage Asia!

The payments revolution is a truly global affair yet, at the regional level, Asia undoubtedly stands at the forefront of payments innovation. Driven by e-commerce, it is a position that requires close management if it is to deliver on expectations.

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Treasury Today Asia May/June 2019 magazine cover

May/June 2019

Publication date: May 2019

Promising future for bank – fintech collaborations

When fintechs first began to appear ten years ago, born out of the maelstrom that was the Great Recession, they were seen almost purely in terms of their potential for taking away business from banks.

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Treasury Today Asia March/April magazine cover

March/April 2019

Publication date: Mar 2019

“The Asian Century” will be about much more than just China

Evidence continues to mount that China’s economy is faltering, though it is uncertain as yet how serious its retreat will turn out to be. With hindsight, it was surely unrealistic to expect that after two decades of stunning growth that has propelled it to the second largest economy in the world, China could continue to grow three times faster than advanced nations.

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Treasury Today Asia January/February 2019 magazine cover

January/February 2019

Publication date: Jan 2019

APAC 2019: US-China trade war a big risk factor for treasurers

As it stands, the year ahead is shaped to be rather interesting, if not challenging, for treasurers across Asia Pacific, with politics a key theme as elections will take place in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.

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Treasury Today Asia November/December 2018 magazine cover

November/December 2018

Publication date: Nov 2018

Global economy under threat as politicians lose the plot

Corporate treasurers are no strangers to managing risks to financial and liquidity management but with fears growing that the global economy is heading for another downturn, they are coming under pressure to monitor an increasingly wide array of threats.

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Treasury Today Asia September/October 2018 magazine cover

September/October 2018

Publication date: Sep 2018

Is the crypto gold rush over?

The internet is slowly becoming a crypto-graveyard. This is after cryptocurrency after cryptocurrency, often created as part of an initial coin offering (ICO), lose their value, rendering them worthless. In fact, one website which tracks failing cryptocurrencies claims that there are over 800 cryptocurrencies that trade for less than a cent.

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Treasury Today Asia July/August 2018 magazine cover

July/August 2018

Publication date: Jul 2018

There can never be too many banks

Treasurers have never had so many banks competing for their business. Indeed, a recent Bain & Company report has found that the transaction banking space is more saturated than ever. This comes as bank executives place their bets on the fee-based income gleaned from the business driving a new era of growth for their institutions.
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Treasury Today Asia May/June 2018 magazine cover

May/June 2018

Publication date: May 2018

What goes up can stay up

Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, is renowned for his colourful quotes on all manner of topics. One that stands out is his comment on flying pigs. “First of all, a pig can fly in the wind, but when that wind dies down it’s the pig who’s going to fall to his death, because he’s still a pig,” said Ma in a 2015 interview with Sina Tech.

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Treasury Today Asia March/April 2018 magazine cover

March/April 2018

Publication date: Mar 2018

Will Asia thrive in the Year of the Dog?

Countries across the region celebrated the Lunar New Year in February, ushering in the Year of the Earth Dog. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Earth Dog is kind, efficient and skilled in communication. It holds the notion of fair play and social justice dear and, given the dog’s role as a protector of the home, could be interpreted as time for a shift geographically and politically from predominantly offensive positions to more defensive positions.

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Treasury Today Asia January/February 2018 magazine cover

January/February 2018

Publication date: Jan 2018

Singapore to drive pan-ASEAN digital agenda

Singapore is taking digitisation seriously. This was evident at its recent fintech festival, which saw over 25,000 attendees from all over the world descend on the city-state to take part in a week of festivities designed to push forward the future of financial services.

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Treasury Today Asia November/December 2017 magazine cover

November/December 2017

Publication date: Nov 2017

China outlines its global ambitions

All eyes were on Beijing in October as the 19th Communist Party Congress took place. Staged in the Great Hall of the People every five years, the congress brought together over 2,000 party members to shape policy, decide on political positioning and set the agenda for the years ahead.

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Treasury Today Asia September/October 2017 magazine cover

September/October 2017

Publication date: Sep 2017

Fifty years of being one

There is a peculiar irony in the way that, as one side of the world seeks to close its doors and adopt an isolationist stance (cf. Brexit and Trumpism), another celebrates openness and welcomes a co-operative future.

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Treasury Today Asia July/August 2017 magazine cover

July/August 2017

Publication date: Jul 2017

Hong Kong: 20 years since the handover

In July 1997, the United Kingdom transferred sovereignty over Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China after 150 years of British control. The event marked a new era for Hong Kong and the effective end of the British Empire. In his farewell speech, Governor Chris Patten said: “The story of this great city is about the years before this night and the years of success that will surely follow it.”

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Treasury Today Asia May/June 2017 magazine cover

May/June 2017

Publication date: May 2017

China Inc spreads its wings

The ‘One belt, one road’ initiative has been widely spoken of since it was first unveiled by President Xi Jinping in 2013. As part of the government’s drive to transform its economy from one based on manufacturing to one based on services, the ambitious initiative aims to restore the country’s old land and sea trade routes and to boost economic connectivity between Asia, Europe and Africa.

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Treasury Today Asia March/April 2017 magazine cover

March/April 2017

Publication date: Mar 2017

Flying the flag for free trade

Thirty years ago, whilst deep in the grip of the Cold War, the United States became the head cheerleader for globalisation, a trend driven largely by capitalist enterprise and free trade. Meanwhile China, on the other hand, was busy staunchly adhering to the communist principles of central control. The country’s economy was still largely closed, with Deng Xiaoping’s ambitious financial reforms and economic overhaul just beginning.

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Treasury Today Asia January/February 2017 magazine cover

January/February 2017

Publication date: Jan 2017

Coming home to roost?

As 2016 passes we welcome in the Year of the Rooster. 2016 was certainly a year to remember and the reverberations of its events are being felt around the world.

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Treasury Today Asia November/December 2016 magazine cover

November/December 2016

Publication date: Nov 2016

Asia Pacific – where next?

Whilst Brexit and the US presidential race have been dominating the headlines for most of the year, Asia has, for the most part, been quietly getting on with business. That isn’t to say that the region hasn’t been facing its own challenges, however.

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Treasury Today Asia September/October 2016 magazine cover

September/October 2016

Publication date: Sep 2016

Looking beyond bank deposits

For corporates in Asia Pacific, bank deposits still remain the number one short-term investment option by some distance. Yet, this is not typical elsewhere in the world. In Europe and the US, for instance, corporate short-term investment portfolios are more balanced between bank deposits and money market funds (MMFs), and then supplemented with a handful of other investment options.

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Treasury Today Asia July/August 2016 magazine cover

July/August 2016

Publication date: Jul 2016

Nominations now OPEN

On June 13th the 2016 Adam Smith Awards Asia opened for nominations, giving treasury departments across the region the opportunity to gain vital recognition. A number of submissions are already in.

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Treasury Today Asia May/June 2016 magazine cover

May/June 2016

Publication date: May 2016

Please speak up now…

Our Corporate Treasury Benchmarking Studies have been leading the industry since 2009. Thanks to the 3,500 of you who have taken part, we have built up a very clear picture of the key issues and challenges affecting corporate treasury and, importantly, provided some of the KPI metrics against which you have been able to benchmark yourselves.

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Treasury Today Asia March/April 2016 magazine cover

March/April 2016

Publication date: Mar 2016

Diversity in the spotlight

As our industry moves towards a more diverse and inclusive future, our Women in Treasury initiative becomes ever more important.

On 14th April at the South Beach in Singapore we will host our third Women in Treasury Asia Forum. Designed to discuss gender equality within corporate treasury, we welcome women and men to attend and to continue to develop this discussion around diversity and inclusion on a broader level within this field.

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Treasury Today Asia January/February 2016 magazine cover

January/February 2016

Publication date: Jan 2016

2016 – No time for monkey business

Monday 8th February 2016 will see the world’s most populous country celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome in the Year of the Monkey. People born under this sign of the zodiac are believed to be: smart, quick-witted, frank, optimistic, ambitious and adventurous.

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Treasury Today Asia November/December 2015 magazine cover

November/December 2015

Publication date: Nov 2015

ASEAN: the creation of a regional powerhouse

As our November/December issue hits your desks thoughts are turning to the completion of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the deadline for which is set for 31st December. Since its founding in 1967 the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has aimed to foster economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region; to promote regional peace and stability and to provide assistance to each other, amongst other aims.

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Treasury Today Asia September/October 2015 magazine cover

September/October 2015

Publication date: Sep 2015

We live in volatile times

As we head to Singapore for SIBOS 2015, the front pages of the financial press are still dominated by China’s stock market rout and the impact of the country’s decision, on 11th August, to devalue the renminbi by 2%. The statistics paint a sorry picture: since June 2015, China’s equity markets have dropped by almost 40% and China’s foreign currency reserves shrunk by $93.9bn at the end of August – the largest monthly fall ever recorded.

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Treasury Today Asia July/August 2015 magazine cover

July/August 2015

Publication date: Jul 2015

Stabilising China’s stock markets

At the time of writing, investors across the globe are watching the Greek debt crisis unfold. Yet China is experiencing a crisis of its own, with the Shanghai and Shenzen Indices having lost almost a third of their value since the highs set on 12th June this year.

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