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What’s ahead for the global economy and markets in 2016?

Published: Jan 2016
J.P. Morgan Asset Management Thought for the Month – building stronger liquidity strategies – let's solve it.

January 2016

Read the 2016 outlook – Mixed expectations by Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist for the UK and Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management:

  • In December 2015 we saw an interest rate rise in the US, further monetary loosening in the eurozone and another lurch down in oil prices-all key developments which will frame the outlook for investors for many months to come.
  • The big message is one of divergence: the world is divided, not just by the direction of monetary policy, but by region and by sector, with the brightest spots in the global economy largely in the developed markets and close to consumers.
  • Despite the prospect of further rate increases in the US and probably the UK, policy in most of the world is still highly supportive. It makes sense for investors to be tilted in favour of risk assets over core fixed income, and developed market (DM) assets over emerging ones.

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