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What advantages do automated cash investment systems – like J.P. Morgan’s Global Cash Portal – have over manual processes for trades and confirmations?

Published: Dec 2015
J.P. Morgan Asset Management Thought for the Month – building stronger liquidity strategies – let's solve it.

December 2015

Achieving more visibility, control and efficiency are key priorities for treasurers in the current business environment. However, meeting this objective is not straightforward for corporate treasuries who still rely on manual processes (such as faxing of trade requests and confirmations) to invest their surplus cash.

By using more automated solutions, such as J.P. Morgan’s Global Cash Portal or industry standardized financial messaging services offered by SWIFT, corporate treasurers around the world would have the ability to access their company account information, execute trades online, as well as export such information to a spreadsheet afterwards, if desired. This means that by incorporating technology advancements into their daily routines, corporate treasurers are empowered to obtain a real-time snapshot of their company’s cash holdings and investments with increased efficiency and less manual effort – resulting in more time for investment decision making.

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