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What is the 2016 outlook for Chinese money markets?

Published: Feb 2016
J.P. Morgan Asset Management Thought for the Month – building stronger liquidity strategies – let's solve it.

February 2016

Over the last ten years we have seen some dramatic changes in the Chinese economy and financial markets. In 2015 we faced the complex challenge of slowing economic growth, a weaker currency, volatile stock markets and faster financial reforms as the Government attempted to introduce the critical structural economic reforms necessary to realign China to a more sustainable consumption based growth model.

  • The challenges and opportunities of interest rate liberalisation and regulatory changes have raised concerns about China’s ability to restructure and reform.
  • Triple-A Chinese money market fund strategies remain focussed on credit quality, good asset allocation and a strong maturity profile.
  • By assessing and understanding counterparty exposure Chinese credit risks can be reduced.

To learn more about the Chinese economy, short term interest rate trends and the implications for investors across all asset classes please access the Brainshark webinar below.

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