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treasurytoday Magazine March 2009 cover

March 2009

Publication date: Mar 2009

Too good to be true?

Warren Buffet once famously said, “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” In other words, it is not until favourable conditions become unfavourable that it is clear who has been covering their back and who has gambled that the high tide was here to stay.

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treasurytoday Magazine February 2009 cover

February 2009

Publication date: Feb 2009

What’s in a number?

Even in the world of treasury, where large sums of money are a fundamental aspect of the job, the figures we have been seeing in the news in the past few weeks are staggering. The news continues to be dominated by stories such as the alleged $50 billion fraud run by Bernard Madoff and bank bailout packages with price tags like £200 billion, €500 billion and $800 billion.

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treasurytoday Magazine January 2009 cover

January 2009

Publication date: Jan 2009

Facing the future

In times of crisis it is only natural to focus on the past. How did we get into this situation and why? When was the last time anything like this occurred? What were the consequences and how long did it take for the situation to recover?

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treasurytoday Magazine November/December 2008 cover

November/December 2008

Publication date: Nov 2008

All eyes on treasury

As the world watches the banking crisis unfold, a shift is taking place in the way the treasurer is perceived. Once viewed as an ivory tower, treasury has been brought to the forefront of the organisation by the financial crisis. Suddenly the treasurer is more visible than ever before, and awareness of the areas with which the treasury deals on a daily basis has grown, in the corporate setting and beyond. For the treasurer, this represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

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treasurytoday Magazine October 2008 cover

October 2008

Publication date: Oct 2008

A game of survival

We are living in extraordinary financial times as the credit crunch gives way to a liquidity/solvency banking crisis which is draining the financial lifeblood out of the global banking system. Even the older financial commentators have never seen anything like this.

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treasurytoday Magazine September 2008 cover

September 2008

Publication date: Sep 2008

Bring an umbrella

It is no secret that crisis acts as a catalyst for change. Plato observed as long ago as 360 BC that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and it remains true today that need is what spurs us to action. For treasurers, the current market conditions have prompted a reappraisal of their priorities and as a result we are seeing a higher level of interest in solutions that the banks have been touting as a means of unlocking working capital.

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treasurytoday Magazine July/August 2008 cover

July/August 2008

Publication date: Jul 2008

Recognising success

Last month we had the pleasure of welcoming Award winners and specially invited guests to the inaugural Treasury Today Adam Smith Awards lunch held at the Four Season Hotel in London Docklands’ Canary Wharf. It was a pleasure to welcome such a distinguished set of winners to collect their Awards. To record their achievements, we are publishing an Awards supplement with this month’s issue of Treasury Today in which we feature all the winners in a series of one page case studies.

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treasurytoday Magazine June 2008 cover

June 2008

Publication date: Jun 2008

Banking relationships in hard times

As the western economies teeter on the edge of recession and credit has become a scarce commodity, the word ‘relationship’ has become popular when discussing banking arrangements. But what a ‘relationship’ means to both sides is never very clear. Is it a means by which the corporate should not squeeze the last pip on its deal and a means of getting something from the bank that others will not get? Or is it just the way that the bank sells more product?

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treasurytoday Magazine May 2008 cover

May 2008

Publication date: May 2008

Adding value in difficult times

In these difficult banking and economic times, many treasurers are realising this is the moment to shine in their organisation. They feel there has never been a better moment to demonstrate how they can help their organisation through these challenging times. Other treasurers may prefer to keep a lower profile but may then find the CEO and CFO have different expectations. The wisest treasurers are already demonstrating the value they can add in today’s challenging climate.

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treasurytoday Magazine April 2009 cover

April 2008

Publication date: Apr 2008

Only two weeks to submit your nomination...

As the end of April approaches, we wanted to remind all our readers that the deadline for submitting a nomination for the Treasury Today Adam Smith Awards is Wednesday 30th April.

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