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Treasury Today January/February 2018 magazine cover

January/February 2018

Publication date: Jan 2018

2018: the year of digital banking

So, farewell then bank branch; the end is nigh. Is that a problem? When NatWest in the UK recently announced the closure of 197 branches as part of a major cost-saver by its parent company, RBS (along with 62 of RBS’s own branches), the hue and cry from those who still see value in bank branches was loud and clear.

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Treasury Today November/December 2017 magazine cover

November/December 2017

Publication date: Nov 2017

Do treasurers dream of electric sheep?

Is the world speeding up? Here we are, in the last two months of a year that has seemingly passed by in a flash. We know the world is not spinning any faster, but the pace of life has increased exponentially over the past decade. As a result, we have all become time-poor, spending our days feeling rushed and, perhaps as a result, demanding instant gratification.

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Treasury Today September/October 2017 magazine cover

September/October 2017

Publication date: Sep 2017

Talk of the town

The annual EuroFinance jamboree heads to Barcelona this year and one topic that is, without doubt, going to dominate discussions is technology. However, we stand at an interesting point in time where treasury professionals have heard enough about the promise of technology and are beginning to demand solutions that can help them today.

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Treasury Today July/August 2017 magazine cover

July/August 2017

Publication date: Jul 2017

It’s ten years since the crisis. A lot has changed

It’s been a decade since the financial crisis transformed the lives of all of us that work in financial markets. Looking back now, few could have imagined the sizeable impact the crisis had and still has on the world today.

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Treasury Today May/June 2017 magazine cover

May/June 2017

Publication date: May 2017

Treasury: risky business

Risk management is a strong theme throughout this edition of Treasury Today, and with good reason. Risk management is a key concern for treasurers around the world, with many struggling to understand the direction the world is heading and what this means for their operations.

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Treasury Today March/April 2017 magazine cover

March/April 2017

Publication date: Mar 2017

Shaping up for the future

The global financial crisis and its fallout are often cited as having enabled treasury departments around the world to become strategic partners to the business. And whilst this may be true to a certain extent – the crisis certainly provided treasury with a platform to shine – the department could have easily fallen out of the spotlight once the crisis abated.

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Treasury Today January/February 2017 magazine cover

January/February 2017

Publication date: Jan 2017

Adam Smith Awards, ten years on…

We have certainly come a long way since our Adam Smith Awards for Best Practice and Innovation was launched in 2008. Not only is this awards programme acknowledged as the industry benchmark for corporate treasury achievement, it is also now synonymous with best practice and innovation.

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Treasury Today November/December 2016 magazine cover

November/December 2016

Publication date: Nov 2016

The end of the madness?

As we reach the end of 2016 few would say that it has been a boring year. It may, in fact, go down as one of the most volatile years on record.

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Treasury Foresights September/October 2016 magazine cover

September/October 2016

Publication date: Sep 2016

Think about the future… and then plan for it

Treasurers have always played a valuable role in the corporate machine but, as most participants and observers now know, the role has taken on greater operational significance. What’s more, it now bears the kind of strategic importance that once was reserved for the C-suite. In essence, treasurers have far greater responsibility than ever before.

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Treasury Today July/August 2016 magazine cover

July/August 2016

Publication date: Jul 2016

Brexit… what to do now?

What many people, industry experts, politicians, the media and professional commentators thought would never happen, has. On 24th June we all awoke to the news that the British people had voted by a margin of 52% to 48% in favour of leaving the European Union and financial markets around the world went into meltdown. UK Prime Minister David Cameron resigned. There was a coup to oust the leader of the Labour Party and a meeting of the European Union in Brussels came to no real decision as to exactly when the UK will invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which would start the divorce process.

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