Treasury Today Country Profiles in association with Citi
Treasury Today in China 2006 Issue 2

May 2006

Publication date: May 2006

Banking practices and payment systems in China differ significantly from those in the US and Europe. Consequently, treasurers in China – particularly those working for foreign multinational companies – have to adopt a different approach to those taken by their colleagues in other countries. While the recent deregulation of the financial system has made it easier to operate a treasury in China, the rapidly changing nature of the Chinese market adds to the challenges faced by the treasurer. The China Quarterly Review explores these issues in depth…

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Treasury Today in China 2006 Issue 1

February 2006

Publication date: Feb 2006

Wide-ranging reforms to the structure, financing and regulation of China’s banking sector in 2006 look set to have an enormous impact on corporate treasurers this year.

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