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How to build your personal brand

Published: Feb 2020


We asked India Gary Martin of Leadership for Executives for her guidance on ‘How to build your personal brand’.

Personal brand is about more than what you project to the outside world. It is about being your authentic self and then layering what you want to be known for.

Authenticity does not mean that you have to show your whole self to the world, it means that what you do show is a true representation of who you are.

Personal brand is intentional work.

Your brand will certainly emerge as a result of the work that you do. Managing perception and being intentional about your personal messaging is the ultimate determinant of your brand aroma. That is the emotional scent that you bring and take when you enter or leave a room.

Although it is a necessary component of profile, personal brand is often confused with marketing though, it is sometimes used as such.

Personal appearance is certainly a part of your brand but in a professional capacity having a personal brand is like a marker of sorts. It helps people to frame what they are going to get in their interactions with you.

Personal brand is about consistency of message. People who are consistent tend to be easier to work with and inevitably easier to trust, even when you don’t agree.

Managing one’s brand is an essential part of any leadership toolkit.

Understanding the impact that you have on others, both positive and challenging, is one of the keys to successfully leading teams, supporting clients and building relationships.

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