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Mars Foods Inc Adam Smith Asia Webinar

Benchmarking on Mars

Mars Foods Inc

Adam Smith Awards Asia 2016 Overall Winner – Best in Class Benchmarking

Mars introduced a four-phased approach to its benchmarking exercise which has identified best-in-class solutions, working with its partner bank, across each of its key business lines. They have realised operational and treasury efficiencies and it is a process of continuous improvement supported by an annual two-day session between Mars and its bank.

This webinar was held on Wednesday 17th May 2017.

Read the case study: Best in Class Benchmarking

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Questions asked throughout the webinar

  • When did you start this journey of benchmarking? How many people within the Mars organisation are involved in the Asia Pacific region? (13:19)

  • Do you manage the Asian team from where you are based in Hong Kong? (15:26)

  • How integral is your treasury unit to the day to day operations of MARS? In some FMCG companies sales and marketing units take a more prominent role as they contribute directly to profitability. (28:56)

  • How many legal entities does Mars have in Asia, in particular in China? Do you operate a shared service center in Asia? (34:55)

  • Have you introduced any KPIs specifically as part of the benchmarking project? If so, what do you now measure that you didn’t previously? (36:39)

  • What would you say are the two or three biggest changes that you’ve implemented as a result of this benchmarking programme? (38:35)

  • Do you have a local or central billing in place and how do you control the billing? Where in your process have you integrated a compliance check with regards to sanctioned counterparties/beneficiaries? (40:36)

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