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How is J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s short-term investment product portfolio evolving to meet the changing needs of investors?

Published: Sep 2016
J.P. Morgan Asset Management Thought for the Month – building stronger liquidity strategies – let's solve it.

September 2016

The short-term investment landscape is certainly growing and it is not just the European and US regulatory changes driving this growth; factors such as Basel III and the interest rate environment also act as catalysts to this growth.

Although the key cash investment objectives of preservation of principle, liquidity and yield remain intact, the realities of today’s short-term investment environment require some new thinking around what these objectives should mean. Treasurers are therefore evidently thinking about their investment policies much more than they have ever done so in the past.

At J.P. Morgan Asset Management, our aim is to offer clients a range of investment products that sit across the risk and return spectrum to meet their changing needs. To deliver this, we make sure that our portfolio of products is constantly evolving to cater for a wide range of investment appetites. For example, in August we launched a new Sterling Managed Reserves Fund (MRF)1; this is a bond fund which will invest exclusively in short-term investment grade sterling securities. The launch of this product really comes at quite an opportune time for sterling investors, given the prospect of lower interest rates in the UK post-Brexit.

To hear more about this new fund, and further perspectives on the changing short-term investment landscape read the interview with Jason Straker, Client Portfolio Manager, Global Liquidity Group. You can also download other Liquidity Insights from our J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity website With its user-friendly navigation, you’ll find a seamless connection between liquidity investment solutions and our best thinking, which can help you meet your goals in today’s complex investing environment.

  1. JPMorgan Funds – Sterling Managed Reserves Fund is only registered in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Jersey, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Singapore.

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