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  • Person dialling whilst holding the handset

    Voice brokerage finally facing up to digital challenge

    Trade in the c.€114bn a day European unsecured institutional money market – one of the last bastions of voice trading – is finally waking up to the potential of digitisation.

  • Person stacking coins

    Cash flow forecasting, a work in progress

    Fintech has brought efficiencies and cost savings across many treasury operations but many believe that cash flow forecasting has lagged in sharing the benefits. Is that situation about to change?

  • Bunch of spreadsheet print outs

    Keep everything you love about Excel and ditch the rest

    Every finance professional loves Excel but the term ‘Excel-hell’ exists for a reason. One technologist argues the case for a cloud and cube-based solution that allows users to keep the best bits and lose the bad. What does he mean?

  • Stacked coins gradually increasing with data images overlayed

    A Baltic hub of the fintech future

    Conference season is under way and treasury professionals will look for updates on how the great disruptor blockchain is progressing. A conference last week in Lithuania’s capital of Vilnius offered some insights.

  • Artificial person made out of data

    AI will not take your job

    Depending on what report you read, we are either all about to be usurped by robot overlords or enjoy far greater productivity and job satisfaction with technology’s help. Although not yet mainstream in treasury or corporate banking, what should we make of the threat/opportunity that is artificial intelligence?

  • The Executive Series

    Drawing upon its position as a leading global bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) has a comprehensive and global view of the issues affecting today’s treasurers. In the first part of Treasury Today and Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Executive Series experts from the bank joined a roundtable discussion hosted by Treasury Today Chair, Richard Parkinson, to provide their insights into a diverse range of topics, from the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in treasury management systems to the importance of measuring environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for companies.

  • Andrew Farnhill, DBS London

    Optimise your treasury operations in Asia at the click of a button

    DBS’ Treasury Prism online simulation tool allows treasurers to explore and optimise their Asian treasury operations in a matter of minutes. Andrew Farnhill, Head of Sales, Global Transaction Services, DBS London, demonstrated this cutting-edge solution in a recent webinar.

  • Supercharger: how to build a digital treasury

    With the concept of ‘digitisation’ now firmly embedded in the consciousness of the treasury community, the time for action is now. But there is so much more to building a successful digital future than simply implementing new technologies.

  • Adam Richford, Group Treasurer, Renewi plc

    60 Second Interview: Adam Richford, Group Treasurer, Renewi plc

    Adam Richford is Group Treasurer of Renewi plc, a FTSE 250-listed market leader in European waste management. A stock in trade for him is transformation. Here he describes his post-merger treasury activities and how they reach far into the business.

  • Gold bitcoin floating in a bubble

    Cryptocurrencies: acceptance and acceptability

    Uncertainty and volatility have been characteristics of bitcoin and its offspring, making many financial professionals wary of cryptocurrencies. Is it time to rethink this attitude?