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Companies hunting for top talent expect CTP qualification

Published: Jul 2024

What if there was one credential you could get that would be recognised worldwide and set you apart from your peers? Companies are looking for proven professionals and increasingly expect CTP qualifications. Elsewhere, treasury professionals with the qualification explain how it gives them an edge.

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The benchmark of competency in corporate treasury

The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation serves as a benchmark of competency in the finance profession and is recognised as the leading credential in corporate treasury worldwide. Sponsored by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), the CTP credential signifies that you have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to effectively execute critical functions related to corporate liquidity, capital and risk management.

Acting as an official stamp of his knowledge of treasury was the first benefit Thong Nguyen Quang, CTP, Director of International Funding, F88, noted the CTP delivered. Prior to the CTP, he was familiar with the capital market and funding investors and had insight into the company’s overall liquidity and risks, but he felt he lacked a complete overview of treasury.

The CTP provided him with a comprehensive overview of treasury, which allowed him to successfully build a new treasury department. “In order to explain things to others in a way they’ll understand, you have to really understand the intricacies of treasury,” he said.

The CTP increases your job security

Those who earn the CTP credential are able to provide proof of their knowledge and competency in areas of corporate treasury such as risk management, cash management, liquidity management and financial analysis. This increases job security – your colleagues know they can rely on you to have the answers.

Nikunj N. Sinha, CTP, Senior Vice President, IDFC FIRST Bank, said he was well-versed in treasury functions such as FX risk, hedging and the cash management aspects of Asian markets, especially on the Indian subcontinent, but he felt his knowledge of certain aspects of corporate treasury was lacking.

“There were a number of topics I wanted to know more about,” said Sinha. “The CTP programme seemed like the best route for gaining knowledge about liquidity management, fundraising, credit risk and financial ratio analysis, and optimising corporate capital structure – and it was.”

The CTP boosts your relevancy as a business partner

“Not only is the credential valuable in the US, it’s highly recognisable in the Asia Pacific region too,” said Stephen Poon, CTP, Senior Director of Corporate Control, Group Treasury and Taxation for HUTCHMED. “Therefore, it made a lot of sense for me to earn the credential in order to aid in my progression in the treasury profession.”

Since earning his CTP, Poon feels more confident in approaching his day-to-day responsibilities, as well as providing advice on the latest treasury trends. This is due in part to the ongoing access AFP provides to CTP-certified professionals.

“I have instant access to AFP’s enormous database of treasury-related resources and materials, which helps me stay up to date on the latest industry and technological advancements,” he said.

Sovanna Tang, CTP, Capital & Liquidity Manager, Maybank, said, “The CTP course is easy to understand, and it covered all necessary foundations and intermediate knowledge on treasury.” More specifically, it provided information on risk management (enterprise/financial risk), which helped him to better understand his job and communicate risk with other departments.

Additionally, the CTP credential provided Tang with valuable insight into how to approach complicated issues in his job. “There are resources available, as well as community discussion in the CTP platform,” said Tang. “Reading through that information provided me with a different point of view from which to approach certain issues.”

The CTP credential improves your marketability

Shawn Xu, CTP, Lead Treasury Analyst, GE HealthCare, wanted to gain more knowledge about corporate treasury than what he was able to learn on the job. So, he went for the CTP.

“The CTP provided me with a good education, as well as the recognition of being a CTP certified professional,” said Xu. “It’s tailor-made for a treasury professional.”

The CTP credential opens doors

As you enhance your knowledge of corporate treasury through the CTP programme, you prepare yourself for increased on-the-job responsibilities and more opportunities both within your organisation and outside it.

For Saima Jamil, CTP, Treasury Manager, Transworld Associates, her desire to enhance her core skills and specialise in her field led her to the CTP. “It gave me an understanding of products and concepts in practice in the US and other developed countries,” she said.

After passing the CTP exam, Jamil became more confident about her knowledge and understanding of corporate treasury. Additionally, the CTP has opened many doors for her at a global level.

“AFP’s CTP designation is one of the quickest, most comprehensive and relevant certifications that is accepted around the globe,” said Jamil. “It is worth doing.”

Learn more about CTP credential, the industry standard for excellence in treasury.

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