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Many journeys to treasury

Published: Oct 2016

Earlier this year, BNP Paribas, SAP, PwC and the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) decided to jointly work towards a thought initiative whose aim is to help finance professionals resolve some of the intricate puzzles that constitute the treasury of today and tomorrow. The result of this unprecedented collaboration is a multi-faceted report called ‘Journeys To Treasury’. It goes to the heart of some of the most important topics confronting treasurers and finance professionals today and tomorrow.


A journeys to treasury roadmap

Through the noise and confusion that often seem to be the trademarks of the modern world of finance, a number of crucial questions emerge from all sections of the financial community. What is worth paying attention to? Which technologies are going to impact on my decisions? What trends and initiatives will be truly transformative? Of the many initiatives underway, which will be key to my journey?

Building on conversations

Our approach is simple: a conversation between the financial services industry, the systems provider, the consultant and the association of professionals. In Journeys To Treasury, each of the four contributors offers their own expertise gained from their own journeys in this bumpy – yet encouraging – landscape, structured in 3 sections: Continued Innovation, Anytime, Anywhere Treasury and Cybercrime and Fraud.

While basing itself upon the understanding and knowledge of today’s treasury challenges as well as the ability to anticipate the impact of transforming trends, Journeys To Treasury discusses advanced technological solutions and industry initiatives in the making.

Continued innovation

New entrants and emerging technologies are having a noticeably disruptive impact on the financial sector, with a knock-on effect on the world of corporate treasury. The report addresses their disruptive potential, while assessing corporate treasury’s appetite for innovation that requires a renewed collaborative approach integrating Fintechs.

Anytime, anywhere treasury

There is a natural and evolving trend towards going mobile and 24/7 banking and, among other things, this will inevitably mean faster payments. Journeys To Treasury delves deep in the concepts of “Anytime, Anywhere Treasury” and discusses the pros and cons of treasuries riding the wave of the ever-increasing fast pace of commerce.

Cybercrime and fraud

As cyberattacks become increasingly common, companies are becoming aware of the fact that it is not if they will be attacked, but when, just as instant and mobile payments increase the susceptibility of the industry to cybercrime and fraud. No area of business can afford to be complacent regarding corporate fraud and hacking. This is especially true for corporate treasuries.

Present and future

Journeys To Treasury offers a pragmatic vision of the present and future of treasury, as seen through the prism of these evolving issues. It is a reference, a roadmap, for corporate treasurers wanting to make their own journey to treasury in this rapidly-changing landscape.

The report will be released during the annual EuroFinance event in Vienna on October 13th and will be available for download at

I hope the reader will find depth in the report. That is the reason why we have chosen not to make a catalogue of all the possible themes to be tackled but rather to focus on the most important topics.

Jean-François Denis, Deputy Head of Cash Management, BNP Paribas

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