Episode 18: Best Treasury Transformation Solution

Duration: 36 minutes

This is a new category for 2022 which recognises the efforts of those companies which have embarked upon a transformation of its treasury function. Perhaps this has been the result of a need to replace outdated technology, the integration of a newly acquired company or simply a need to transform the way things are done.

Overall Winner – Hiroyuki Ishiguro, General Manager, Treasury Section, Finance Dept HQ Japan, Gurmeet Jhita, General Manager, Head of Accounting, UK and Terry Vouvoudakis, Assistant Director, New York, Sony Group Corporation with Hirofumi Karata, Citi, Molly Walsh, J.P. Morgan and Lauren Koekkoek, Zanders.

Highly Commended Winner – Palle Dedenroth, Assistant Group Treasurer, Danfoss A/S with Rebecca Bjuvling, Citi.

Highly Commended Winner – Roberta Eiseman, President, Comcast Capital Corporation with Gaetan Okias J.P. Morgan and Damien McMahon, PwC.

Episode 17: Best Cash Pooling Solution

Duration: 12 minutes

This category covers any cash pooling solution; notional and/or physical. It could be a simple single currency/single country solution or regional/global, multi-entity/multi-currency solution.

Overall Winner – Rene Bustamante, Staff Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, FedEx with Lori Schwartz, J.P. Morgan

Highly Commended Winner – DS Smith. Their partner Vivek Chikballapur, J.P. Morgan. speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Episode 16: Best Card/e-Cash Solution

Duration: 12 minutes

This category not only encompasses cards but recognises the emerging cash replacement solutions such as e-cash, digital currencies (crypto-currency/bitcoin) and e-wallets. The winning solution, including virtual cards, could cover any aspect of corporate cards and how they are being used to improve the T&E processes.

Overall Winner – Werner Flaig, Group CFO, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group.

Highly Commended Winner – Careem Egypt for Smart Networks. Their partner Navin Bhatija, Citi speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – Waste Management. Their partner Jacqueline English, J.P. Morgan speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Episode 15: Best in Class Regional/Global Treasury Solution

Duration: 29 minutes

This is another new category this year and looks at how a company has implemented a treasury related solution, or is in the process of being implemented, on a regional basis – a regional solution is defined as five countries or more.

Overall Winner – Andrew Grant, Assistant Treasurer, Neptune Energy Group Limited with Priyanka Rath, J.P. Morgan.

Highly Commended Winner – Antoine Lebrun, Global Treasury Director and Lorena Gil, Global Treasury Manager, Glovo with Ross McEwan, Citi.

Highly Commended Winner – Roshun Tulkens, Treasury, Mantrac SE with Suleman Jafrani, Citi.

Episode 14: Best Funding Solution

Duration: 17 minutes

Many corporates are exploring alternative sources of funding, diversifying and/or refinancing their funding sources. With an increase in M&A activity, we have seen many different types of funding submitted, whether a single transaction, or as part of a company’s overall debt strategy.

Overall Winner – Liam Ó Caoimh, VP Treasury, The Adecco Group.

Highly Commended Winner – Mustafa Koçar, CFO and Nihal Yuksel, PF Director, Kalyon Holding, with Nazli Atilgan, J.P. Morgan.

Episode 13: Best Sustainable Treasury Solution

Duration: 12 minutes

This is a new category for 2022 which looks at sustainability and how corporate treasury can play it’s part in addressing ESG issues, climate change and CO2 emissions.

Overall Winner – Alex Ashby, Head of Treasury, Tesco.

Highly Commended Winner – Page Group. Their partner Karl Adams, ICD speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – David Hanhart, Senior Director, Treasury, TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

Episode 12: Best in Class In-Country Treasury Solution

Duration: 11 minutes

This is a new category for 2022 which looks at how company’s have implemented a treasury related solution, or is in the process of being implemented, in a single country or up to 4 countries and the challenges they have faced.

Overall Winner – Greenlight Planet Kenya Ltd. Their partner Ferndinand Zaumu, Citi speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – Franca Aeby, Cash Manager, Roche Finanz AG.

Highly Commended Winner – Henkel Algeria. Their partner Ouiza Zerka, Citi speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Episode 11: Best Digitisation Solution

Duration: 12 minutes

This is a new category for 2022 which looks at how companies address the emerging digital solutions.

Overall Winner – Malcolm Grant, Chief of Treasury and Theresa de Gouveia, Senior Project Officer, International Organization for Migration.

Highly Commended Winner – Alexander Van den Heuvel, Group Cash Manager, Richard Erven, Dealer Front Office and Ernst Janssen, Digital Treasury Manager, Royal DSM.

Episode 10: Best Transaction Management Solution

Duration: 20 minutes

This is a new category for 2022 which looks at how companies manage/forecast its cash, working capital and how it makes and receives payments whether in a single or multi-purpose solution.

Overall Winner – Magnus Attoff, Head of Digital Transformation & Risk Management, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson with Raymond Pereira, Citi.

Highly Commended Winner – Marc Parenteau, VP Treasury North America and Jodi Fountain VP ecommerce and Marketplace, L’Oreal USA (SalonCentric) with Manish Jain, J.P. Morgan.

Episode 9: Best Foreign Exchange Solution

Duration: 15 minutes

This category looks at foreign exchange and could be the use of technology, a new process, change to a hedging strategy or a new FX requirement as a result of entering a new market or dealing with a new currency and/or client/supplier.

Overall Winner – Karen Kong, Treasurer, Broadcom inc with Jason Li, J.P. Morgan.

Highly Commended Winner – Jennifer Chisholm, Business Program Manager and Tasha Westinghouse, Business Program Manager, Microsoft.

Episode 8: Woman of the Year 2022

Duration: 16 minutes

Our Woman of the Year category recognises a leading corporate treasury woman who demonstrates real innovation and professional achievement. Typifying the essence of Treasury Today’s Women in Treasury initiative, this award goes to those who, alongside their career journey, also dedicate themselves to inspire others, giving back and using their privilege and access to help other professionals along their journey, opening up the profession to more diverse talent.

Overall Winner – Lisa Chan, Director of Global Treasury, Airbnb.

Highly Commended Winner – Jayna Bundy, General Manager, Microsoft.

Episode 7: Best Supply Chain Solution

Duration: 9 minutes

Trading internationally can be challenging and the past 12 months or so have really shone the light on supply chains. The buyer/seller relationship has never been more important and we have seen a number of innovative solutions emerge from distributor finance, pre-shipment finance and receivables discounting to forfaiting, factoring and payables finance.

Overall Winner – Alan Chitty, Director of Group Treasury, Tax and Risk, Pepco Group in partnership with Mehwish Jangda at Citi.

Episode 6: Harnessing the Power of Technology

Duration: 16 minutes

Technology is a key component in many of the submissions we receive and is always a hotly contested category. We see projects ranging from the use of APIs and RPA to full-blown treasury technology transformation involving TMS and ERP integration and much more.

Overall Winner – Nike. Their partner Sara Castelhano, J.P. Morgan speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – Kellogg’s. Their partner Duncan Cole, Citi speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – Kitopi. Their partner Muhannad Abdeljawad, HSBC speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – Nigeria LNG, Chigbo Enenmo, Head of Treasury in partnership with Vikas Kapoor, J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Episode 5: Treasury Today’s Top Treasury Team 2022

Duration: 13 minutes

Our most prestigious and always fiercely-contested category. Here we recognise a corporate treasury team that has made an outstanding contribution to its organisation over the past 12-18 months.

Overall Winner – AstraZeneca, Jonathan Slade, Group Treasurer.

Highly Commended Winner – Prudential Financial, Nandini Mongia, Senior Vice President & Treasurer.

Episode 4: Best Risk Management Solution

Duration: 14 minutes

As risk continues to be top of every treasurer’s agenda; our winners provide their solutions relating to all aspects of risk which arise in the corporate treasury arena. From foreign exchange risk, counterparty risk, commodity risk and interest rate risk to cyber risk, reputational risk and supply chain risk, all are covered here. It feels like corporates have never had more risks to manage, making this an ever-increasing critical responsibility for the treasury function.

Overall Winner – DEME, Geert Wouters, Head of Finance & Treasury along with their partner Kevin Braeckman at PwC.

Highly Commended Winner – Microsoft Ireland Operation Ltd, Jatin Mohanty, Senior Manager Finance.

Episode 3: Best Investing Solution

Duration: 8 minutes

Here we recognise how these winners have optimised and/or diversified their short, medium and long-term investment portfolio whilst addressing the trade-off between yield, liquidity, cash preservation and counterparty risk. Looking at alternative investment vehicles and how they have overcome the challenges of low/negative interest rates and new regulations in the world of liquidity/money market funds (MMFs).

Overall Winner – General Electric. Their partner Vikesh Gadhia at Citi speaks about their winner collaboration and solution.

Highly Commended Winner – Christopher Berris, Hunting Plc.

Episode 2: Judges’ Choice

Duration: 7 minutes

This is awarded to a company which is that little bit different, doesn’t quite fit one of the other categories and is recognised by our judges as a result of the specific field in which the company operates, the particular solution it has implemented or simply because it stands out as being different. This year’s Judges’ Choice award goes to the first company to allow investors to buy and trade shares in multi-million-dollar masterpieces created by world-renowned artists. The company has implemented a solution which manages the underlying transactions and reconciliations of the aforementioned investors.

Overall Winner – Masterworks, Francisco Meyo, Controller, Investment Vehicles and Jason Papadopoulos, Business Intelligence Manager.

Episode 1: Corporate Treasurer of the Year

Duration: 6 minutes

Here we recognise an individual corporate treasurer who has made a real difference to their organisation. The person has demonstrated real innovation, achievement, leadership qualities, and someone who is a real inspiration to others. Our winner in 2022 has built a ‘best-in-class’ treasury function at his organisation during a career spanning over a decade of contribution across a broad range of treasury responsibilities.

Overall Winner – Toby Shore, Senior Director, Group Treasury, Risk & Insurance, Emirates Global Aluminium.

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