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Winnie, is that you?

Published: Oct 2019

What do you do when a bear visits your workplace in the middle of the night and destroys a large amount of your stock?

Bear sitting and eating honey

A Turkish bee farmer answered this for all of us after he kept losing valuable produce to the local bears. After trying everything he could to stop them he instead decided to use it to his advantage and wrangle a bit of free work from them, employing them as unofficial taste-testers.

Instead of trying to scare them off or deter them completely, Ibrahim Sedef tried plying them with apples and fresh bread, which didn’t work. Ibrahim then decided to try a different tactic. He set up cameras in front of a table with labelled tubs of honeys and jams, and sure enough, the bears came that night. Naturally they were drawn to the one of the most expensive honeys in the world, Anzer Bali honey, which can reportedly sell for up £250 per kilogram and is believed for have healing properties for a whole host of ailments.

Watch the video

Sedef isn’t angry at his business loss though, stating that “despite all this, when I see the footage, I forget all the harm they have done to me, and love them.”

A rather sweet outlook on the situation, don’t you think?

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