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Wine on tap?

Published: Mar 2020

It’s probably the dream for thousands around the globe, but these residents in Italy managed to accidentally get wine on tap.

Glass of red wine being poured by tap

Last week, the village of Settecani in the Castelvetro area of Modena, Italy, had a problem with its water supply. The water hadn’t run out, but had been displaced by a locally produced wine.

Locals found a mysterious red liquid flowing from their taps and many quickly recognised the smell as being that of Lambrusco Grasparossa, a locally-produced wine.

Technicians investigated at the winery and found a technical fault had caused wine to leak from a silo into water pipes. The high pressure of the leak displaced the water in the pipes, leading to it entering the water supply of nearby residents.

The winery was quick to reassure the public on social media that there was no threat to health, as the wine was ready for bottling.

Videos of the wine pouring from taps were shared by Italian news outlet, Corriere TV, as locals gathered all containers possible to store the free wine. It’s unclear how watered down it might taste though.

Wine gushing from taps in place of water might seem like a sign of biblical proportions, but in this case, it just seemed to be down to a faulty valve.

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