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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Published: May 2021

A four-year old New Yorker buys 918 SpongeBob ice lollies on Amazon, racking up to an impressive US$2,600!

Bunch of pineapple ice lollies

Noah, a four-year old SpongeBob-obsessed New Yorker, has racked up an impressive US$2,600 on his mother’s Amazon account. Noah decided to pop onto Amazon for a spot of retail therapy, and little did his mother know he bulk-ordered 51 cases of SpongeBob ice lollies, which were duly delivered to his auntie’s house.

Initially, Amazon told Noah’s mother, Ms Bryant, they would not take back the bulk order of ice lollies, leaving the social worker student with a hefty bill! Since then the retail giant has been in touch to find a solution, and thankfully this story has a happy ending.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help Ms Bryant pay the Amazon bill and has since raised more than US$14,000, with donations flooding in from across the US.

Once the bill is settled, the rest of the funds will go towards education and support for Noah, who is on the autism spectrum. Ms Bryant shared a message on the GoFundMe page to show her appreciation. “As a parent to a child living with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), all additional donations will go towards Noah’s education and additional support. We cannot thank you enough. Truly.”

A story with a truly sweet ending!

“It’s never too late for ice cream. It’s also never too early. Ice cream is always right on time.” – Patrick Star

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