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Published: Feb 2022

Treasury Today Group presents a guest Insights feature from Jessica Cygan, finance professional turned holistic health coach, who shares her thoughts on a new solution to address burnout.

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Between December 2020 and July 2021, US employees reported a 21% increase in burnout and a 17% increase in physical symptoms of stress like muscle tension and fatigue, as well as added work-life balance challenges and overall job stress, a survey by meQuilibrium reports. We are living in a period where time feels scarce and a growing number of corporate professionals are looking to their employers to provide resources in the struggle to manage stress, mental health and burnout.

I pivoted from a career in treasury on a mission to provide a new, actionable solution: health coaching designed for professionals. With accountability and strategy, you can alleviate stress, burnout and mental health challenges with a lifestyle of sustainable wellness that integrates into a busy schedule.

Prioritising your wellness is not an option. Your body is constantly in communication with you, providing signals of what it needs. If you pay close attention, you will notice the early warning indicators of running off stress hormones, such as: no appetite in the morning, sugar and carb cravings, blood sugar instability, digestion issues, the need to stay busy (otherwise feeling anxious), easily irritated and low energy levels, yet you cannot sleep. You do not have to endure these symptoms to have a successful career.

In order to achieve your ambitious career goals long term, you need your health. Realistically, you can only give so much pouring from a close-to-empty cup. When you feel good in your body and mind you are creative, alert, clear and emotionally stable: all essential qualities for sound decision making, problem solving and leading teams effectively. We’ve all witnessed the magnetic energy that comes from someone who radiates from the inside out. This is possible for you and it begins with the desire to change and openness to receive support.

Many of you have a team behind you which allows you to get things done, such as your loved ones, colleagues, childcare, doctor, spiritual leader, fitness instructor and therapist. What if you could blend some of these functions together and have a dedicated resource holding your hand along the way towards achieving your wellness goals? Think of me as part of your ecosystem which allows you to thrive.

As a holistic health coach I empower professionals to create optimal health while creating a lifestyle of sustainable wellness. With intentional and slow shifts to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and mindset a holistic health coach can guide you towards an integrated way of living – all while elevating your thriving career.

Change can be frightening and receiving support can feel like weakness or failure. I see this as brave. Let’s normalise asking for and accepting help, making things easier for ourselves and working on ourselves as a reflection of courage, strength and ambition.

The future of leadership is healthy and self-aware. Imagine if you, your team and your boss felt good inside; how would behaviour, decision making and culture change in the workplace? What is the risk of staying the same?

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