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The quack-cidental bodyguard

Published: May 2020

An unlikely creature has taken on the role of protector for a mother duck and her unhatched eggs in Oregon… But what is it?

Beautiful peacock with their feathers spread out

A peacock.

Yes, that’s correct. A peacock has designated itself a bodyguard for a mother duck and her eggs in the closed patio area of The Rain Bar & Grill in Oregon.

The restaurant, which is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, explained that the duck made her nest in a planter in the patio area in mid-April. A short time later a peacock also took up residence on the patio and assumed the role of protector.

“They’re great friends. He’s like her little protector. He kind of walks around and hisses at people if they get too close to her when she’s here,” said head bartender Ryan Landerholm to KMTR-TV.

Some employees have joked that they think the two are co-parenting, so it’s nice to know that the diversity and inclusion space is opening up to all species as well!

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