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Taking ‘couch potato’ to a whole new level

Published: Jul 2020

How does relaxing on your couch with some snacks to watch cartoons sound? Bliss, right? How about doing it hundreds of feet in the air?

A child dreaming he can fly and travel by balloons

That’s right, Hasan Kaval, a Turkish paragliding instructor, rigged up a couch and TV to a paragliding harness and took flight. He actually had an entire living room set, complete with a lamp and even his slippers.

The glide took place on the paragliding track at Babadag Air Sports and Recreations Center, and Kaval shared a video that showed his friends helping to launch the rig from the cliff.

Kaval then kicked his shoes off over the water, put some slippers on and settled back to watch cartoons. He even had some snacks and drinks ready to enjoy.

The rig landed smoothly, and Kaval later said that he made the flight to demonstrate just how safe paragliding is.

So would you do it?

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