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Suspected meteor captured on camera over Utah sky

Published: Aug 2022

A suspected meteor streaking through the sky in the US has been caught on camera.

Meteor shower in the nights sky

Residents in northern Utah said they heard a loud “boom”. The noise was also reported in the neighbouring state of Idaho.

Wendi Melling a resident in South Salt Lake, was leaving her home when she heard the noise, which she described as a “loud deep booming sound”, followed by a few seconds of rumbling.

“It did sound similar to sonic booms I’ve heard before, followed by a short incident of a sound similar to low rolling thunder,” she said. “This rumbling noise that followed the boom was maybe three to four seconds.”

Spencer Cox, the Governor of Utah tweeted that his office confirmed it was not related to any seismic activity or military installations.

The Salt Lake City National Weather Service’s office also tweeted that its lightning detection mapper had probably picked up the meteor’s trail flash.

A video clip captured by Snowbasin Resort in Utah clearly shows a light streaking across the sky. And shows the meteor soaring into the morning sun.

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