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Some-fin to set your teeth on edge

Published: Jun 2020

A diver in Australia had a close encounter of the shark-kind recently – one to perhaps send shivers down your spine…or your leg.

Lachlan Pye, 18, was spearfishing off the coast of Queensland when a bull shark decided his fin looked like a tasty snack.

Pye luckily wasn’t injured in the encounter, and caught the whole thing on video. He explained that he was diving for coral trout and fingermark bream when the incident occurred. “I took the easy shot and started to come up. As I came up, this bull shark charged me. It came out of nowhere,” he said, according to news website UPI.

In his original post on Facebook, Pye wrote: “This bull shark came up to me and snapped my fin in half and took it right off my foot.” Commenters were quick to point out how lucky he was to have only lost his fin and not his leg to the 11-foot shark.

Despite the “two minutes of terror”, Pye does plan to continue with his spearfishing pursuits, though perhaps he could steer clear of any more sharks…

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