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Dinosaur skeleton goes up for auction in France

If you have a few million dollars to spend on something frivolous then you are in luck because a complete dinosaur skeleton is up for sale.

The fossil, auctioned by Aguttes, stands at 2.6m tall and measures 8.7m from head to tail. According to the auction house, the skeleton belongs to an Allosaurus, a species that the BBC describes as “big, mean killing machines that reigned supreme during the late Jurassic period”.

However, there is some contention over this classification because palaeontologists have noticed that some of the features of the skeleton differ from other Allosaurus fossils. Indeed, there is speculation that this could be a new species or even an entirely new genus.

So if you fancy owning a piece of prehistoric history then make sure you are at the Effiel Tower in Paris on 4th June when the auction will be held. The auction house is accepting bids in euros or bitcoin – yes, bitcoin!

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