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Rodent robbery

Published: Jan 2017

Stealing squirrels shock shopkeeper.

A Toronto corner shop has become a frequent target for a scurry of squirrels who have taken a liking to the store’s confectionery aisle.

To date, the squirrels – shop owner Paul Kim, believes there are at least two involved – have struck over 40 times, stealing a variety of chocolate bars.

According to Kim, there is a distinct rustling that indicates a robbery is beginning. “When we come around the counter to try to catch it, we can see the squirrel running off with the bar in its mouth,” he says.

Although many attempts have been made to catch the pesky rodents they have to date been able to outrun anyone working in the store.

“A couple of times, passers-by and customers tried chasing after it with us, but once it goes up a tree, it’s game over,” said Kim.

Although the squirrels’ crimes have been caught on CCTV, Kim has yet to find a way to deter the animals and is seeking advice on Reddit.

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