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Robot created to brush, rinse and floss teeth!

Published: Jul 2022

Have you ever wished that someone else would brush your teeth in the morning and before bed?

Bunch of toothbrushes in a glass

And what if that someone was a robot?

It may sound a lot like science fiction but researchers have developed a robotic system which they claim can in fact clean teeth. And not only that, the inventors say the tiny bots can brush, rinse and floss teeth all at the same time!

The scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in America have created the robotic system, which is made from iron and is magnetic.

By using a magnetic field, they were able to shapeshift the tiny bots to transform into a variety of shapes and could form bristle-like structures (like a toothbrush) for brushing and long string-like shapes that could replicate dental floss. They were also able to get the system to rinse teeth, like a mouthwash!

The creators carried out experiments on false teeth as well as real human teeth and found the micro-bots could brush all types of teeth.

Professor Hyun Koo, who co-authored the study said: “It doesn’t matter if you have straight teeth or misaligned teeth, it will adapt to different surfaces. “The system can adjust to all the nooks and crannies,” he added.

Experts say the bots would be very helpful for the elderly or people who have trouble using their hands!

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