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Public toilet wins pot with a royal flush

Published: Aug 2017

Converted public toilet goes back on the market one year after sale.

A property owner is feeling flush after a former public toilet fetched the hefty sum of £330,000 on the real estate market.

The toilet was first auctioned off by cash-strapped Epsom council in Surrey for £68,000 in 2012, and, after some initial complaints from residents, it was transformed into a luxury one bedroom, semi-detached pile.

Once complete, the revived property was sold for £285,000, making the developer a peachy profit. But a year later the toilet is back up for sale, this time for £330,000 – a 16% mark-up.

Over the last 15 years, a number of other toilets have been snapped up in the UK, hinting that they see more than the bog-standard shell that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Whilst this may be an unusual way to reintegrate ladies and gents, there’s no doubt that this innovative way of making money could end up being more than just bathroom gossip.

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