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Press release: World Retail Congress eyes the retail customer of the future

Published: Apr 2022

7th April 2022 – Leading embedded finance experiences platform Railsbank has partnered with the World Retail Congress to publish a report on the behaviours and buying habits of four distinct consumer segments that have emerged post-lockdown.

Newspaper press release

Entitled “The World View on Digital Retail’s New Consumer Personas”, the report identifies new consumer personas: Digital Arrivals, The Subscribers, The Ethical Consumers and Thrill Seekers. The report points to significant changes in consumer attitudes, evidenced by how 73% of the growth in Google retail searches in the UK came from new, or rarely searched terms.

It also points to different values between customer demographics, such as how those newer to online shopping generally prefer more ‘traditional’ retail brands sooner than those that are ‘progressive’ or ‘daring’. Additionally, it reveals how retailers can keep up with these consumers’ evolved expectations, and pierce the white noise of competition online by offering differentiated ecommerce experiences. The report can be downloaded here.

Railsbank co-founder and CEO, Nigel Verdon, who presented the key findings at the World Retail Congress (5-7 April 2022), said: “There are two main challenges for the traditional bricks and website retailers. Firstly, now, more than ever, is how to compete for the new digital experienced consumer with digitally native ecommerce merchants. Secondly, is how to deliver a joined up ecommerce and in-store experience to the consumer, one which knows the consumer in-store and on-line, and rewards and engages that same consumer. The backdrop to all this is clear. Covid accelerated the number of new digital experience consumers, represented not just by the younger, but also the older generations as well.”

However, Verdon remains confident about what is to come: “The future is bright for retailers who create a 360 degree ecommerce, and digital experience, around the consumer.”

Railsbank will also be attending Retail Fest in Australia on 11 to 14 April, 2022.

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