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Press release: VirtualNonExecs prepare for global expansion

Published: Sep 2021

10th September has hired two senior staff in its UK business as it prepares for “global expansion” following a period of “unbelievable growth”. Emily-Jane Beechey and Ryan O’Boyle have joined as Membership Engagement Managers.

Newspaper press release

Ian Wright, CEO of the Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor community, is growing his team, ahead of new initiatives being rolled out in the UAE and the US, later this year.

Wright commented, “The growth in the number of companies hiring talented non-executives and board advisors has been remarkable. We are seeing over 2000 weekly searches of our member database and our new BoardAi product is matching up to 1000 members with potential opportunities, per week. We believe that figure will reach 100,000 meetings per week by the end of 2021.”

Wright said many businesses had been limping along with very little or no support at all in the Boardroom, with Owner Managed Businesses being the hardest hit by the recent pandemic. With free access to 11,000+ Board Advisors, he believes the uptake will be huge.

He commented: “Too many businesses are clinging on by the skin of their teeth, many relying solely on financial support mechanisms which are being pulled this month.”

“This is why we are pleased to offer a 100% free service to companies who are looking for board advice; from ‘scale up’ technology businesses to those heavier, more industrial companies and retailers, are looking to bring in expertise at a senior level and are engaging with our extensive membership.”

“With this demand, it was the right time to expand the team further”, says Wright. Commenting on the new hires, he says, “We are already seeing increased activity as a result of the investment in new Community Managers, and we will continue to hire talented professionals as the months progress. The team now stands at 9.” is a peer-to-peer non-executive director community of 11,000+ non-executive directors and board advisors and is free to hire from.

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