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Press release: The Bank of London: Charlotte investment creates over 300 jobs

Published: Aug 2022

8th August 2022 – The Bank of London, the world’s first purpose-built global clearing, agency, and transaction bank, today announced its intention to expand its United States (US) footprint by opening its US Global Platform & Services headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, creating 350 new jobs by 2026 across numerous disciplines.

Newspaper press release

New positions at the US Global Platform and Services division will include software development, compliance and risk, technology operations, infrastructure engineering and business operations. Mecklenburg and surrounding counties can expect an annual payroll impact of nearly $33 million when fully staffed.

The Bank of London has already taken a 11-year lease on a forty-thousand square foot floor of One Independence Center at the energetic intersection of Trade and Tryon in the heart of Charlotte’s Central Business District.

The opening of the Bank’s US Global Platform and Services division in Charlotte brings access to a strong and deep new talent pool. Charlotte is the second largest banking city in the US after New York, where The Bank of London has its US headquarters. With its vibrant banking ecosystem, and appealing city lifestyles and amenities, which attract professionals from across the US, Charlotte is an excellent choice for The Bank of London.

Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte, said: “With The Bank of London building its technology hub in Charlotte, we continue to demonstrate that Charlotte is the epicentre of where finance and technology converge. This announcement further builds on our strategic international partnerships, and I look forward to seeing The Bank of London’s growth in our city.”

Anthony Watson, Group Chief Executive & Founder of The Bank of London, said: Without doubt Charlotte has some of the best bank technology and business talent that the US – and the world – has to offer. I should know. I spent some of the happiest years of my working life in Charlotte when employed by Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo). I’m beyond delighted to once again work in the Queen City as we transform banking for the betterment of all.”

Jim Ditmore, Co-President & Group Operating Officer of The Bank of London, said: “The Bank of London has truly game-changing and patented technology that will power the borderless economy of the future. We will be continuing to invest heavily in our technology offering for clients and we’ve chosen Charlotte as a key location to drive our agenda forward, enabled by Charlotte’s unique combination of banking talent, technologists, and financial business leaders.”

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