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Press Release: Surecomp Marketplace and Gradiant talk fraud prevention

Published: Mar 2021

4th March 2021Surecomp®, the leading provider of global trade finance solutions for banks and corporates, today announced the addition of document forgery detection solution Valida by Gradiant to its Marketplace platform. The latest fintech partner to join the company’s trade finance ecosystem platform is a key prevention tool in the fight against fraud.

Newspaper press release

Founded in Spain and with a fast-growing customer-base across Europe, Gradiant empowers customers with the ability to offer enhanced security to their digital onboarding and KYC workflows. Using AI-based technology, Valida is a forensic analysis solution that assesses the trustworthiness of documents by automatically detecting the digital forgery and manipulation of a wide range of documents such as invoices, passports and bank guarantees.

“Given the extent of digital transformation acceleration we have seen since the pandemic, it is more critical than ever that banks and corporates protect themselves against losses resulting from fraud,” explains Gradiant’s Executive Director Luis Pérez-Freire. “Particularly in the context of trade finance which is a complex business, we are absolutely passionate about providing the highest standard of security to customers, and are proud to be welcomed as an accredited Marketplace partner of Surecomp.”

“We are delighted to welcome Gradiant to the Surecomp Marketplace,” says Enno-Burghard Weitzel, SVP Strategy, Digitization and Business Development at Surecomp. “Expanding the platform with trade finance specific fraud prevention capabilities helps our customers to process more secure – and thus more valuable – transactions. Adding value to our customer’s business is the most important benefit of the Surecomp Marketplace.”

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