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Press release: Societe Generale and Surecomp work on digital trade

Published: Mar 2022

23rd March 2022Surecomp®, a market leader in global trade finance solutions for banks and corporations, today announced that Societe Generale has gone live with the latest version of its IMEX™ solution for back-office trade finance processing automation across four countries in Asia. IMEX™ consists of an online, real-time processing and decision support system that handles the full range of trade finance instruments. By using this digital solution, the bank is further streamlining its operations and enhancing the quality of its customer service to corporate in the region.

Newspaper press release

The Paris-based bank has been partnering with Surecomp in Europe to drive innovation for digitized trade finance to improve customer service and transaction growth. The decision to roll-out IMEX™ across its Asian branches was initially taken following an in-depth market review and marks the beginning of a journey to a cloud-based open architecture, with communication to other systems through a layer of extensive API connections. Following the success of this latest project, the group will be further expanding its partnership with Surecomp to India and other possible branches and subsidiaries.

“We are extremely happy with the outcome of the Asian project. This is a key milestone in the creation of our global digital trade platform and in the pursuit of our transformation roadmap,” explains Ivan Barel, Head of Trade Finance Transformation at Societe Generale. “The level of collaboration and responsiveness we get from working with Surecomp allows us to successfully and efficiently deliver these projects. The deployment of the API capability allows us to accelerate the client’s digital journey and use case strategy data, while optimizing our system interface environment. This will create added value for our clients while allowing us to future-proof our business.”

“Societe Generale is one of our flagship customers and our successful collaboration has been instrumental in the growth of both parties. Surecomp today is setting the new digital standard in trade finance with cloud solutions and API connectivity. With further collaborative innovation just around the corner, we are delighted that Societe Generale is extending its digital reach to Asia and beyond,” says Yaron Hupert, Surecomp’s SVP of Account Management.”

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