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Press release: Signavio releases COVID-19 response package

Published: Apr 2020

1st April 2020Signavio, a leading provider of business transformation solutions, today announced that the Signavio Business Transformation Suite is available for free for 90 days to help affected businesses to rapidly roll out emergency plans and organize operations in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

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The pandemic has forced new social and business norms, requiring a global collaborative effort, with daily processes more important than ever. New ways of living, working, and understanding are driving significant impacts across countries and boardrooms with essential services and products under threat across production, distribution and sales.

The Signavio Covid-19 Rapid Response package helps companies prepare backup plans, communicate activities across an organization and execute business change swiftly by leveraging the support of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite. Specifically, the Suite helps companies:

  • Prepare a backup plan: Identify needs and performance across business functions and disciplines, where pain points lie, and when an emergency or crisis management plan is required
  • Communicate the plan across a company: Leverage a single source of truth for the entire organization, allowing for collective decision making
  • Turn planning into fast action: Utilize comments and sharing features, promoting collaborative and transparent working environments, so ideas are put into action quickly

“In times of crisis, we need to take new and unprecedented steps,” said Dr. Gero Decker, CEO of Signavio. “We see an important need to offer assistance that supports collaboration, togetherness, and business continuity. We are firm believers in the power of technology to mitigate the business impacts of this crisis, and we are committed to helping companies navigate their challenges to the best of our ability. We are all in this together.”

Businesses interested in the Signavio Covid-19 Response Package should visit For more on how to respond to Covid-19, visit the Signavio blog and dedicated webinars page, which will be updated with further information for businesses.

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