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Press release: Reltime: Global financial PoA ecoysystem set to launch

Published: Mar 2022

1st March 2022 – Reltime is launching soon, at last after several months of development. Reltime is a PoA based Ecosystem with zero transaction fees and a platform for anyone that wants to earn on bank service.

Newspaper press release

Reltime is all set to launch its platform by April 2022. This event will be followed by an interactive session with the team behind Reltime, who will answer questions and will demonstrate the functioning of:

  • Onboarding – KYC

  • Lending with and without collateral.

  • Joint accounts with lockup in contact list.

  • P2P payments and settlement with live transactions between users global.

  • SWAP services.

  • Demonstrate the speed of PoA.

  • IOS/Android

Reltime will also inform:

  • Update on the roadmap, when new services will be launched, such as Virtual and Biometric Card, NFT, FX, Exchange, e.g. services.

  • B2B and Whitelable approach.

  • Listing, PreIPO/RTO, IPO timeline.

  • Open API and bank integration for seamless alternative to Swift.

  • Partnership Model.

Reltime’s next-generation Banking platform allows users and companies to transact without boundaries and transaction fees, allowing people from any part of the world to transfer assets without hidden charges. With Reltime’s instant onboarding/eKYC/Sanction check, users will be able to send money to one who doesn’t have an account with Reltime. And with Reltime’s incredibly optimized blockchain network, transactions are blazing fast that it only takes less than 2 seconds to transfer.

With a PoA based blockchain network, Reltime is set to become the leader in Banking that would revolutionize how transactions are made with ease and safety. And with low to zero transaction charges and speeds of less than 1.8 seconds per transaction, Reltime is all set to launch its network to the public, where any user can also test the network before joining the community.

“Reltime BaaS Ecosystem will be a global financial service controlled by the end-users, eliminating the need for a third party or middlemen. Our users here benefit from direct P2P and M2P lending, borrowing, free remittance, and joint-account services, which are supported by industry leaders worldwide.”

said Frode van der Laak, the CEO, Founder and inventor of the PoA and the Ecosystem of Reltime. Frode, with an MSc in Software and System Security at the University of Oxford, MPhil in the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Science, and a Pending PhD from King’s College London in DLT. By bridging distributed ledger with user efficiency interests and inventing patented and patent-pending to promote convenience in telecommunication and DLT environments. Frode has filed over 15 patents and is in process with several more.

Reltime will go public on a regulated exchange, where it will continue to develop innovations, file patents, and incorporate new technology.

Reltime is also listed at Bitmart and CoinTiger and aims for a pre- IPO in the Fourth Quarter of 2022. Then, an IPO in the First Quarter of 2023.



Join Reltime’s community and be part of this exciting PoA and Ecosystem revolution.

For more information, please visit their website at:

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