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Press release: PwC Hong Kong supports training for cybersecurity excellence

Published: Jun 2024

12th June 2024 – Building on its enduring commitment to cybersecurity excellence, PwC Hong Kong’s Dark Lab is delighted to announce its latest stride as an approved CREST Training Partner in Hong Kong. This development is a testament to PwC’s ongoing efforts to uplift and transform the cybersecurity capabilities within the region.

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With regulatory bodies like the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) advocating for CREST certification as a gold standard qualification for independent assessments, PwC recognises the importance of promoting this certification in Hong Kong (HKMA’s C-RAF guidelines). However, the limited accessibility to quality training content has become a significant barrier to entry, resulting in a scarcity of certified talent. Currently, Hong Kong has only a double-digit number of certified professionals, while other developed countries or cities like Singapore boast over 1,000 certified technical experts.

“Continuing our journey to uplift cybersecurity standards, we firmly believe that CREST should be the gold standard in Hong Kong,” said Kok Tin Gan, PwC Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Privacy Partner. “By collaborating with CREST, we aim to address the challenges faced by the industry and bridge the gap between demand and supply of qualified professionals. Our joint training programmes will equip individuals and organisations with the necessary skills to effectively navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape.”

CREST, the non-profit global community of cyber security businesses and professionals working to keep information safe in a digital world, also expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. Andy Woolhead, Head of Cyber Skills and Certification at CREST said, “We are excited to partner with PwC Hong Kong to enhance the cybersecurity talent supply in the region. PwC’s Dark Lab has a strong reputation for driving innovation in the cybersecurity field, and our collaboration will facilitate the accessibility of quality training content, empowering individuals to acquire globally recognised certifications.”

In response to the demand for qualified and skilled accredited technical experts, PwC’s Dark Lab has been recognised as an approved CREST Training Partner in Hong Kong for penetration testing and threat intelligence. Through live training sessions offered at highly competitive prices, PwC aims to cater to both individuals and corporations. This joint initiative signifies the first of many anticipated collaborations designed to stimulate the ongoing growth of cybersecurity expertise in Hong Kong.

PwC’s Dark Lab, renowned for its cutting-edge research and expertise in cybersecurity, is committed to driving innovation and knowledge sharing within the industry. This collaboration with CREST represents a significant step towards cultivating a robust cybersecurity ecosystem in Hong Kong.

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