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Press release: Moneyboat automates lending decisions with bespoke new data tool

Published: May 2019

2nd May 2019 – Fintech firm Evergreen Finance London has purchased an innovative service from data analytics provider FICO to speed up its decision process around customers’ credit.

The company, which trades as Moneyboat and offers short term FCA-regulated loans, will use the bespoke FICO Decision Modeler to assess risk and the affordability of its products to applicants.

It allows the direct lender to apply highly segmented risk strategies and use business terms rather than programming to make credit decisions, making the assessment process both more intuitive and faster.

Steve Hadaway, general manager for FICO in EMEA, said: “Evergreen, like other fintechs we serve, need the smartest technology available to make sound lending decisions faster. In a high-risk area like short-term lending, precise risk decisions are essential. No company has as much experience as FICO at building risk management systems for lending.”

The three bespoke analytic models used in the cloud-based platform will allow Moneyboat to efficiently evaluate whether applicants can afford to make the monthly payments for a credit agreement, based on their income and regular outgoings.

It means the percentage of customers who fail to repay their loans should be greatly reduced, allowing the company to offer increasingly competitive rates on loan products in the future.

Moneyboat founder and director Yisroel Perkel said: “We reviewed other decision engines, but the FICO system gives us the greatest sophistication and flexibility. FICO impressed us with their expertise in this area, along with their ability to deliver both world-class software and advanced analytics.

“By enabling us to approve loans 24/7, their solutions will aid our strategy to rapidly grow and make short-term loans affordable and fair.”

For more information about Moneyboat visit

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