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Press release: Just one compliance officer responsible for the data of 14,000 people and businesses

Published: Jan 2024

28th January 2024 – By analysing FTSE 250 companies, new research has unveiled the immense responsibility placed on compliance professionals across the UK.

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By examining various data points, compliance e-learning company Skillcast sought to estimate the extent to which personal data falls under the purview of a single compliance professional.

The findings indicate that, on average, one compliance professional could be entrusted with the data of a staggering 14,315 people and businesses. This calculation is derived from each company’s total number of employees, customers, and/or clients, emphasising the substantial weight carried by these employees.

Notably, Skillcast determined, using LinkedIn data, that compliance professionals constitute a mere 3% of the overall workforce in FTSE companies.

Given an average customer base of 8,000,000 across the companies in the analysis and an average workforce of 11,427, it prompts consideration of the urgent need to prioritise and potentially expand compliance positions within businesses nationwide.

Vivek Dodd, CEO of Skillcast, said, “As businesses continue to navigate the complex landscape of data protection and regulatory compliance, our research underscores the critical role compliance professionals play in safeguarding the privacy and security of both individuals and enterprises. The data-driven insights presented should serve as a call to action for businesses to reassess their compliance structures and allocate resources accordingly.”

For further details on the roles and responsibilities of a compliance officer, as well as information on how you can train your existing staff on compliance in the workplace.

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