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Press release: J.P. Morgan Payments enables real time liquidity sweeping solution, seven days a week

Published: Mar 2023

21st March 2023 – J.P. Morgan Payments has enhanced its global platform to enable real time liquidity sweeping solutions, allowing clients globally to fund Real Time Payments using their existing liquidity on non-business days, meaning 7 days a week.

J.P. Morgan’s latest solution will now allow clients in all locations to directly leverage their liquidity platform to ensure that liquidity is available whenever payments are being made.

Martijn Stoker, EMEA Head of Liquidity & Account Solutions, J.P. Morgan Payments said, “Our solutions enable clients to leverage their organizations’ global liquidity positions, to ensure that funding is available, clients have full visibility of their structures and can optimize liquidity in the most efficient ways. In the current fast-moving environment, our focus is to ensure clients are equipped with appropriate real-time capabilities.”

In an ever-changing economic environment, the importance of Treasurers making improved financial and strategic decisions is more critical than ever. Businesses need to achieve real-time, end to end visibility of their entire liquidity portfolio. The availability of real-time liquidity, real-time visibility, and real-time reporting are becoming more critical in enabling Treasurers and businesses to efficiently manage their cash flow.

The key value-add of our real time liquidity sweeping solution is that this allows clients to make payments 24×7 without the need to leave idle cash balances on accounts locally to prefund non-business day activity, optimize working capital and create greater availability of funds, as well as maximize ability to invest.

In addition, J.P. Morgan have also enhanced clients’ ability to achieve real time cash positioning, where new API capabilities now allow clients to self-serve on sweeping parameters at the click of button. Clients can amend critical parameters such as sweep amounts real-time, and execute liquidity movements on-demand.

Solution features:

  • Centralize funding of 24×7 real time payments via automated back-valued sweeps.
  • Eliminates need for clients to prefund or pre-position cash for non-business day activity.
  • Payments are fully funded, receipts are fully concentrated, and no overdraft costs are incurred.
  • Payments are funded in all locations where RTP is supported.
  • Immediate access to existing liquidity.
  • Amend parameters real-time to account for dynamic business requirements.
  • Execute liquidity movements via J.P Morgan real-time, at the control of the client.

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