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Press release: Goodbye Hanse Orga Group, welcome to Serrala

Published: Jun 2018

5th June 2018 – As of 5th June 2018, Hanse Orga Group has become ‘Serrala’ – a new brand for a technology-driven world, but one that still embodies the core values that clients know and expect: Bringing clarity to complexity.

Since 1984, Hanse Orga Group has provided intelligent finance software solutions and treasury consulting. What began as a humble family-owned business soon turned into a widely recognized international organization.

“We recognise the need to continuously improve our offering and stay ahead of market trends. But as a result of numerous acquisitions made in recent years, we were operating with seven different brands: Hanse Orga, Soplex, SYMQ, Cogon, Dolphin, e5 and Tembit”, says Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala, formerly Hanse Orga Group.

As a global company uniting several unique entities, it was important to be recognized under one joint name and to communicate with one voice to customers and partners. At the same time messaging and visuals needed to be refreshed and updated – all perfectly sound reasons to go through a whole rebranding process.

“Of course, this wasn’t a decision we took lightly. Brand equity is such an important concept today, but we knew that, with the right approach, we could not only achieve our goals around refreshing the brand, but also hold on to the core values that our existing clients appreciate and expect. We also felt that a new brand with more of a cosmopolitan feel would bolster our global expansion plans going forward”, explains Lindemann.

Serrala enlisted the help of a US firm, Carbone Smolan Agency (CSA), an award-wining design-led branding agency. “As part of the founding family of Hanse Orga, I was keen to ensure that the new brand had more than just face value. For me, getting the right storyline behind the rebrand was critical”, says Lindemann.

The new name is inspired by the Sierra de la Serrella, a powerful mountain range in Spain symbolizing confidence and security. Born from the belief that no problem is too large to solve, Serrala brings clarity to complexity.

Serrala already supports over 2,500 companies worldwide with advanced technology and personalized consulting to optimize all processes that form part of the universe of payments: from order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and treasury to data and document management. Represented on three continents with 16 offices in Europe, North America and Asia, the company has over 550 employees who are dedicated to service companies of all industry sectors – from medium-sized companies to global players.

The redesigned Serrala logo and website showcase a fresh and new look for the company, bringing the enterprising nature and passion for process automation of the company front and center. Website visitors will also find a grown dedication to providing finance and IT professionals with in-depth content in the form of white papers and blog posts, focused on the latest news and technology in the industry and generating discussion about trends and new ideas.

Using the momentum of the rebrand, Serrala will focus its future plans very firmly on the universe of payments – with the aim of providing clear efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Serrala will offer robust, ERP-integrated, on-premise and cloud solutions. What sets the company apart from many of the vendors in the market is combining those two worlds into hybrid cloud solutions. “ERP-integrated solutions are still popular, of course, but we see the hybrid cloud as an important evolution for our clients. Clients do not always want to be strong-armed into working in the ERP environment and many corporates want to extend the value of their enterprise systems – both of which are possible through the hybrid cloud”, explains Lindemann.

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