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Press release: Fullerton Markets announces launch of mobile app PipProfit!

Published: May 2019

13th May 2019 – Fullerton Markets today announced the launch of its mobile app, PipProfit!. The release of the one-stop platform marks the brokerage firm’s foray into the app scene, where it aims to deliver improved convenience and seamless experiences to its global clientele.

PipProfit! boasts features that allow users to carry out trading-related activities easily, while keeping them informed of the latest news and events. Among other things, traders can look forward to sending deposit and withdrawal requests and accessing educational resources and timely market updates for profitable trading. Additionally, partners or Introducing Brokers will be able to onboard new clients more quickly and retrieve valuable business data and metrics pertaining to their clients’ performance and their business growth.

Said CEO of Fullerton Markets, Mario Singh, “The app was birthed with the vision of having our solutions be more accessible to a larger audience, while also making sure we better serve our existing clients. We realised that a mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive website was no longer enough. Our core services have to be fully hosted on mobile if we were to provide a richer experience for on-the-go, tech-savvy consumers. The statistics speak for themselves – interactions with brands today are twice as likely to happen on mobile than anywhere else and 80% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies with mobile apps that offer answers to their questions.”

Apart from the familiar trade offerings that are currently available on the Fullerton Markets website, app users will also enjoy new features such as an events module. This gives them access to a complete overview of activities organised by Fullerton Markets and allows them to immediately register for any event, check in, and upload images of their participation. Users will be alerted to event updates via mobile notifications.

“This comprehensive platform will serve as an important tool for our clients to transfer funds, track business performance and growth and stay updated on news and happenings that have an impact on their trading journey. Through PipProfit!, we hope to take customer engagement, expediency and the trading experience to the next level,” added Mario.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on Android.

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