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Press release: Freedom Finance’s embedded finance partners can access an entire marketplace of financial products all via an API

Published: May 2023

30th May 2023 – Freedom Finance, one of the UK’s leading digital lending marketplaces and embedded finance providers, has launched a number of significant upgrades and changes to its platform, completed with zero downtime.

The fintech has upgraded its Cloud and API platform to allow a new level of scalability as part of their drive towards an embedded finance ecosystem. The upgrades enable Freedom Finance to onboard new embedded finance partners through automated software processes within 60 minutes – a fraction of the time.

Freedom Finance’s embedded finance partners can access an entire marketplace of financial products all via an API. This allows brands to seamlessly offer their customers personal credit solutions 24-7 through their own digital platform.

The upgrades were recently utilised through Freedom Finance’s new partnership that will power Money Expert’s consumer credit proposition.

Finally, the business has launched a new Lender Performance Index to help their lenders better understand how they perform within their marketplace. The index has been positively received and is set to drive lenders to make more competitive offers, while delivering better outcomes for customers using the platform.

Freedom Finance is a leading UK digital lending marketplace providing unsecured personal loans, credit cards, mortgages and other financial products. Customers can access over 100 of the UK’s leading lenders and service providers through the platform, and the fintech also delivers embedded finance services for high street brands like Argos, Asda, Creation, RAC, The Co-Op Bank, and many more.

Nick Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Freedom Finance, commented: “Innovation is core both to our mission of increasing access to the credit market and as a leading fintech. The continued development of our platform is vital to meeting our principles of putting the customer at the heart of our services, ensuring the highest quality product and reducing friction throughout the customer journey.

“Over the past year we have successfully onboarded 29 new products, deployed 952 changes to our platform and virtually halved the average response time for customers to find offers. I am thrilled to see the significant progress we have made, especially considering the long-term compound impact of our efforts, and this puts Freedom Finance in a fantastic position to achieve our exciting growth objectives.”

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