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Press release: Engage urges companies to review their processes following the reporting of 206,000 GDPR cases

Published: Jun 2019

24th June 2019 – In light of reports that 206,000 cases have been reported within the first nine months of GDPR reporting, Engage Technology Partners has urged employers to review their contractor and employee compliance and management processes.

Although it has now been one year since GDPR was enforced, it is clear that more must be done to educate businesses on being compliant. The data, which was provided by the European Data Protection board, reveals that out of the hundreds of thousands of cases reported, 95,000 were complaints and 65,000 were data security breach notifications. It was also exposed that fines totalling €56 million were handed out by national data protection agencies across 11 countries.

Commenting on the new data, Alex Fraser, Director of Engage Technology Partners, said:

“As we’re one year on since the introduction of GDPR, companies may be tempted to relax about the regulations, however, the data clearly shows that being negligent can have severe consequences on reputation and bottom line. With procedures getting more complex by the day, to really protect your company against GDPR claims, businesses must invest in an automated system that will keep their firm safe and in check. Dated systems, like the manual collection of sensitive information, are exposed to risks such as exploitation or mishandling. An electronic system, however, which manages all information in one place and ensures GDPR compliance will keep all worries away.”

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