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Press release: Drillmec plans €35m hydrogen investment

Published: Apr 2022

31st March 2022 – The board of directors of Drillmec, a Piacenza-based company in the Oil & Gas sector, part of Indian infrastructure giant Meil Group has approved the investment plan for over 35 million euros in the energy transition which includes initiatives in production of hydrogen through the most advanced technologies available such as electrolysis, pyrolysis and the design and construction of Co2 capture and storage systems and last but not least geothermal energy.

Newspaper press release

In this context, Drillmec has launched the company Idrogena, a start-up dedicated to the development and industrial production of a pyrolytic converter for the production of ultra-clean hydrogen, to be used in small to medium-scale applications which can subsequently be used in up to 400 plants and fuel stations located across India and owned by the group.

The converter designed by the Idrogena team with personnel with over thirty years of experience in process engineering, through pyrolysis will produce hydrogen without the use of pollutants. A decisive step towards the energy transition that combines safety for people, protection for the environment and economic accessibility.

“We are pleased to announce this new initiative in our country which is consistent with our history, which is to innovate and develop responsible and safe technologies capable of incorporate energy, social and environmental needs”, says Simone Trevisani, CEO of Drillmec SpA.

This revolution awaited since 120 years, will allow the production of hydrogen without CO2 emissions, in fact among its strengths will be the ability to prevent the generation of carbon dioxide by producing in its place precious graphite used by large industrial sectors, such as the automotive, cosmetics and pharmaceutical ones.

With the converter, the production of hydrogen can take place at destination in a capillary manner, thus significantly reducing transport costs and working around the low energy content of hydrogen which represents a challenge in storage and transportation.

“This technology fits within the natural gas value chain, thus compensating for the lack of a hydrogen distribution network which currently represents the main hurdle to mass adoption”, comments Simone Trevisani, CEO of Drillmec SpA.

“I congratulate the team in the new initiative and wish them all very success in the fast evolving Green Hydrogen technologies”, comments Mr Srinivas Bommareddy, Chairman of the board of directors, Drillmec S.p.A

The development of this technology at a competitive cost will allow it to operate at low pressure, will have contained dimensions and will be safe to use with minimal training. Powered by renewable energy, it will not make use of polluting catalysts, will not produce waste and will produce the quantity necessary for multiple uses including Industrial use and local public transport.

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