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Press release: DHL Supply Chain commits €350m in Southeast Asia to strengthen supply chain resiliency

Published: Oct 2023

17th October 2023 – DHL Supply Chain, the global market leader for contract logistics solutions, announces an investment of EUR350 million in Southeast Asia over the next five years to expand its warehousing capacity, workforce and sustainability initiatives.

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“According to the Economic Development Board (EDB) for Singapore, more companies are interested to set up their supply chain hubs in Singapore, given the country’s outstanding infrastructure, connectivity and business environment. We are investing ahead of the curve to bolster our value offering to customers, so their business is future-proof and resilient,” said Andries Retief, CEO, DHL Supply Chain Southeast Asia.

DHL Supply Chain: SEA’s supply chain partner of choice expanding capacity and future proofing warehouses

By the end of 2023, through targeted investments in the western region, DHL Supply Chain Singapore will grow by over 50 percent in its warehouse capacity, surpassing 230,000 square meters of space. Two key projects anchor this expansion:
  • A state-of-the-art 17,000 square meters single-floor facility

  • Acquisition of existing 60,000 square meters of space from a local business with infrastructure to support five classes of Dangerous Goods.

“We have used our Singapore sites to pioneer new digitalization initiatives, and we will continue to do the same moving forward. Other than our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and the use of advanced robotics and automation in our warehouses, we also employ warehouse digital twin technology to provide real-time visibility to shop floor activity, and sensors to improve productivity and employee safety for operations, across multiple sectors,” added Eunis Hew, Managing Director, DHL Supply Chain Singapore.

Investing in talent for a future-ready supply chain

DHL Supply Chain Singapore will create 300 new job opportunities in 2024. Structured training programs are in place to upskill our employees and hone their leadership skills allowing greater career advancement.

This includes Certified, an internal development program to train certified supply chain specialists. Over 70 percent of DHL Supply Chain Singapore’s workforce have completed its in-house Certified Supply Chain Specialist (CSCS) training program which helps to expand their knowledge across all facets of supply chain operations, from transport and warehousing to sales and finance. Additionally, half of the employees have graduated from the 18-month Certified Supervisory Academy (CSA), tailored for aspiring front line managers as they learn the requisite skills to effectively engage, inspire, and lead their teams.

“A report by the Singapore government showed that nearly a third of the jobs in supply chain will be outdated in two years. We have put in place programs that will help upskill our employees and allow them to pursue different roles in areas such as data analytics and automation,” said Hew.

Championing a green supply chain management

DHL Supply Chain Singapore has intensified its commitment to environmental sustainability through a series of green initiatives. DHL Supply Chain Singapore uses eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce its environmental impact. It has also formed recycling partnerships with local organizations to ensure that waste is processed sustainably and responsibly.

All of DHL Supply Chain’s facilities in Singapore have achieved carbon neutrality, showcasing its leadership in championing sustainability in the supply chain sector. It also plans to have a fully green fleet of electric vehicles by 2025.

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