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Press release: Deutsche Börse expands its offering with ESG data from the Chinese market

Published: Sep 2022

20th September 2022Deutsche Börse is adding historical ESG data from the Chinese market to its data offering. The data is collected by the International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF), an independent and non-profit research institute based in Beijing. To support the development of green finance in China, IIGF has built the leading ESG database in China.

Newspaper press release

The IIGF data package is accessible via the Deutsche Börse Data Shop and includes ESG information from listed companies, bond issuers and mutual funds in the Chinese market. These include ESG scores, ratings, and reviews of companies in China’s largest benchmark indices, the CSI 300 and CSI 800, as well as all listed companies.

“Especially for emerging markets such as China, ESG data has so far often been very fragmentary and of insufficient quality. There are also language barriers, as many local listed companies usually only report in Chinese. The new service will enable international investors to better evaluate the ESG activities of Chinese companies and to make more informed investment decisions. At the same time, it strengthens Deutsche Börse’s position as a key player in ESG reporting,” says Alireza Dorfard, Head of Market Data + Services at Deutsche Börse.

Professor Wang Yao, Director General of IIGF, pointed out that foreign investors are increasingly concerned with ESG investment in Chinese firms: “China is an emerging market drawing global attention. As a leading think tank on green finance, IIGF has achieved outstanding research results in developing the ESG database and information services. By offering the ESG data, rating reports and bi-weekly reports from IIGF on Deutsche Börse’s data platform, we are helping to build a bridge for global investors to understand the Chinese market and to open China’s capital markets, which offer exceptional investment opportunities for global investors.”

IIGF collects the data through an ESG evaluation methodology developed specifically for this emerging market. In addition, the IIGF offers a range of reports and newsletters on the market environment in China, which can also be retrieved via Deutsche Börse’s Data Shop.

Deutsche Börse Data Shop grants its users access to more than 100 terabytes of historical data of the trading venues Eurex, Xetra and 360T, index data from STOXX and ESG data from IIGF. The data universe includes highly accurate timestamps, a variety of tick and index data, complete historical order book and trading data for Eurex and Xetra as well as reference and turnover data. Our broad analytics portfolio rounds out the offering and enables clients to gain deep insight into liquidity, market concentration and market trends. More information about the historical data offering is available in the Data Shop and on the Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services homepage.

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