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Press release: Deloitte Global Corp Treasurer Survey: cloud, ESG, balance sheet management rise in importance

Published: Nov 2022

9th November 2022 – This year’s survey report highlights an increased focus on cloud computing, ESG, all things balance sheet management, and streamlined operations. According to 245 surveyed treasury professionals across North America, Europe and APAC:

  • Technology and digital are growing focus areas for treasury teams coming out of the pandemic:
    • Pain points remain: Digital capabilities are the second biggest challenge for treasurers (59%), yet only 20% plan to implement new technologies.
    • Growth of cloud: The preference for cloud vs on-premise solutions has grown from 36% in 2019 (last iteration of this survey) to 42% in 2022, especially among orgs with $10bn or less.
    • Talent is the leading roadblock to tech adoption: 90% are concerned about reduction in headcount, 74% are concerned about the limited talent pool (i.e., few treasurers with tech skillsets), and 72% say that insufficient knowledge of what is possible with treasury tech is problematic.
  • ESG is a rising issue for treasury departments: 60% said that ESG regulations are most likely to affect their treasury department in the next 12 months. Additionally:
    • 42% are responsible for issuing sustainable debt instruments
    • 18% are replacing in-house data centers with cloud computing (likely an effort to reduce their org’s carbon footprint)
  • Post-pandemic, treasurers are focused now on right-sizing their orgs by streamlining operations – primarily through human capital and technology approaches.
  • In addition to cash and liquidity, working capital is moving up the list of focus areas for treasurers, as they lean harder into all things balance sheet management.

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